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I hate Inoue Orihime from Bleach...I really do...

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maaii Jul 25, 2010

hey hey -hugs- 

for some strange reason i thought i replied already hahah but i didnt heh sorry!!!

well i would like to thank you for giving me the toned down version! THANK YOU! :P it was pretty awful anyway :P hahah im sure i couldnt take the whole truth! :P

soccer eh? so the world cup fever has got to you too? ;) seems like more people are playing soccer now :P haha  but thats cool. soccer is awesome! yay~~

bad Kwenza! you have to study!! :P im not the one to talk though i usually study like in the last minute lol i always try to change it and on occasions i do study ahead of time and of course i do wayy better on the tests but then i go back to the usual cramming the night before lol

well i was loosing sleep staying up watching anime ;) feeling sorry yet??? im sure you know how that is :P:P

hmm those friends of yours! they could use some serious beating from the anime fans! lol then they will learn not to mess with us anime fans!!! especially when we are watching anime!!! haha like trying to snatch a bone from a dog lol :P

well so how have you been? its really hot here these day! summer at its best... gaaah i hate going outside!  :/  school is fine and work is fine :) oh i watched Witch Hunter Robin i liked it :)) now im watching Ergo Proxy.  i love the animation in Ergo Proxy. the girl is darn cute :)) im not sure if im liking the story yet, its definitely a WTF?! type of story lol but i guess its ok. i think i was more into Witch hunter robin than Ergo proxy. well its all a matter of taste :)

okay! have a super duper uber cool week! :P and STUDY!! :P :P hop you did well on all of your exams! :)  -bites you-

byeeeeeee! miss ya!

maaii Jul 16, 2010

ewwwwwwww....okay okay that was hahahahhahahahah lol you crack me up! lol i love the description! hahahah i hope he will never read it! hahahhahahha

oh yeah! gintama is on my to watch list definitely will watch it! hahaha i really heard all good things about it!  :)))

actually this week i've been lacking sleep. i would stay up late for some stupid reason. hehe so will make it up this weekend! woot! sleep all weekend :))))

sounds like vampires lol i love you so much i wanna bite ya! :P

okay i shall do my best to inflate you ego..although i need to be careful so it wont blow up like a balloon! lol hahahah

and how have you been Kwenza dear? had a super awesome week and all that?? :))) hope you did!

miss yah! :))

maaii Jul 6, 2010

you're absolutely right! you have to proceed with caution! you never know where there is a serious pervert lurking around! he might be hiding somewhere near.... -looks around- :P heheh but now im even more curious! dang it Kwenza! :P

a lot? hard?? whoa so much love!!!yeyeyeyeye makes me happy yeyeyeye :D :P

oh no. we can't have a dented pride! dont you worry i do mis you!!! ;))

i sure had a great day! hope you did as well!!!


maaii Jul 6, 2010

yes 2 beers :P i was being umm a party pooper with only 2 beers but well it was a public party at a concert hall so i wasnt gonna get wasted hahahah

a whole different new level??? hmm so what exactly is his pervert style?? 

aint saying anything huh? then i KNOW you failed :p but don on your side :p

when exactly did you fight for me to admit to anything??  :P i think i was the very first one to ever say anything to you !!!!! :P hahah dont change the history hahah :P  

and btw thats hot biting to show affection :p the harder you bite the more you love :P

okay the guy sounds just like your ideal character :P but you know im curious just what kind of powers he's got :D:D ill be checking out his awesomeness for sure!

take care!!!! -bites- :P

maaii Jul 5, 2010

hmm thanks a lot! thats nice of you :P but no i didnt get wasted i just had like 2 beers :P but it was fun and the fireworks were nice :D

nuh uh im not scared of perverts! :P 

hahahahha im not gonna admit to anything! :P im taking summer classes cus i want to and its faster........ okay?!?!?!?!?!

Desert Punk? okay i will check it out :)) see if you have a good anime taste! :P :P:P:P

wow you'd bite back? then we would end up or bitten and scratched hahahah so much love :P

oh dear...this is getting just as complicated as you make it out to be! :P