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I hate Inoue Orihime from Bleach...I really do...

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maaii says...

hello!! :)

no actually i am having an okay week. not great but not too bad :)

so was your week not good? hope it's nothing major since you were on vacation!

yup im watching blood+ i stalled it a while back, and i decided to go back and watch it. yeah you cannot enjoy an anime where you hate the protagonist. i dont mind saya. i think she's okay :) we'll see what ill think as the story progress :P

no more adding things to my to watch list! its too long already! lol its intimidating! :P

have a great rest of the weekend!!! :))


Aug 21, 2010
maaii says...

hey you crazy you!!!! :))))

thank you for the bday wishes!!! i did have a good day :) it was fun :)

so okay tell me the story behind your username....... :P

holy!!! thats a bigfoot! lol and they said it didnt exist! lol

so was your day off today?? i hope you had a good one:)))

miss ya and laterzzz :)) -hugs-

Aug 16, 2010
maaii says...

hahaha my birthday is on the 13th so this friday haha but unlike you i was born on a i only get to enjoy occasional friday the 13th birthday :P

yesterday was fine :) and so was today :P and yes :D i managed to write 11 pages in one day and i did turn it in on time :)) i was so proud of myself!

no was supposed to be Mai but mai was taken so i had to add some extra letters :P haha mai is actually a name..that i really like :) and that's the story behind it :P

lol stop throwing anime at me like that :( i already have 50something anime on my to watch list lol :P but durarara is on it! :)) yeah well i already stalled s-CRY-ed twice hahah i just cant seem to enjoy it.. i don't know what it is about that anime that i just cannot get it to make me wanna watch it.. :/

but im going to go back to watching Blood + now.. but the sucky part is that i forgot which episode i stalled on..and i was quite far already! dang it! :P oh well i guess i will just have to start over :/

and how is your week so far? how is the writing?? im sorry you are being forced to do it...yeah that is not as much enjoyable :/

have a great day! -hugs-

Aug 10, 2010
maaii says...

nice nice! and i'm really trying to finish all the stalled animes. cus i keep starting new ones and i got like 8 on hold hahah. i need to finish at least some of them since im like half way through, i hate to drop animes that i watched so many episodes already.

when is your birthday?? mine's next! another year older lol

thanks for stopping by :)) i hope once you get a good song down your mood will be in a better mood :) and umm SHARE THE LYRICS :P

i know i know.. i got started on it today when i got 2 pm hahaha ill get it done so its ok :)

you too have a fantastic day and good luck with the lyrics! -hugs-

Aug 8, 2010
maaii says...

oh okay so now its Kwenzalover ! lolol you sure have some ideas! :P

wow so they are keeping you busy there! :/ im not THAT busy but i have a 11-15 page paper due monday hahah and im on page 0 ... ehhhh i don't fee like writing it ;/ i wanna go to the pool and swim and sip pinacoladas :P

well good luck with all that concerts and competitions and tests and man your calendar is packed! :P so when do you get the real summer vacation??


Aug 7, 2010