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I hate Inoue Orihime from Bleach...I really do...

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maaii says...

okay Kwenza dear this is what you HAVE to see...its a movie im watching right now and im LOVING IT!!!! Sword of the Stranger. DEFINITELY check it out!!! :)))

Jun 3, 2010
maaii says...

heey! :)))) how have you been??? :) 

wow so you got seniority in your class :) well but the good thing is you didnt stay back cus you failed. 

i had a weird day at work today :P some crazy weirdo was stalking me.. scary! :P he dropped me a note telling me to call him 2nite LOL and his number and then he wrote: i'm not a weirdo. hahahahhahahaah i thought i was gonna die from laughing...ehhhh 

so how was ur day? or night.. more like it :P

Jun 3, 2010
maaii says...

mario?? hehe i love mario :D but i prefer zelda :P

i work about 7 hours a day. the evening class is 2 hrs. today is the first!

so how is it for you? now you have school until what?? winter holiday or how does that work?

Jun 2, 2010
maaii says...

hope you have a good day at school :)))

well i have a weird schedule. i have a morning class then work then evening class

morning class is mon-thurs and evening class is only mon and wed ...ehhh

working school around work gets tough.

gee today i ate this gigantic watermelon. lol with a spoon :P

Jun 1, 2010
maaii says...

well go figure i wouldnt wanna write all about my problems in comments either :P

but im glad you at least had a good dream :D you sort always wake up happy and that makes the bad day a bit easier to go through :D  -hugs- (better??) ;)

whoa whole 13 hours?? thats a big difference :P i wake up you should be sleeping:P and vice versa..heh well yeah first day in school was not bad at all..just that i usually get up at 8 to go to work and today i had to wake up at 6... thats the biggest thing :P but the class wasnt bad, the teacher is awesome. :))))

Jun 1, 2010