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Hi my name is Lloyd and im 30 i <3 anime like real bad i live for it and i would die for it lol....I really love action like Naruto and Bleach and One Piece i just found out about D.gray man (watched all the episodes in about 4 days no lie) and i just found out about Hitman Reborn (watched all in 3 days). I also love detective conan and watched like 100 every week till i caught up and all the movies too cause it was hard to find a site to watch those on...I just got into romance animes i never thought a anime could touch me so much. Cause i watch like bleach and naruto and it makes me want to be a stronger individual with there never give up ideals but romance animes is a really great thing as well. Ive been trying to watch as many as possible and sadly i think ive watched all the ones that i could find and get into... :( if anyone has suggestions i would love to hear it i like the high school type echhi harem romance types but i only watch if i know theres an ending like good or bad someone has to confess to me or there has to be someone getting with someone or i wont feel satisfied i love a happy ending even if its predictible the journey of getting there Rocks. Anyway i write alot i know sorry well hope to meet alot of anime friends on this site i never took this site seriously but it seems intresting so hi to everyone and hope we can be real good friends.


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SPOILER ALERT!! I write for myself and my memories so probably alot of spoilers...


My Top 5 Anime

1. Naruto Shippuden

Grew up watching Naruto and this was like the first anime i realized was an anime....incredible all around and i cant wait to see Naruto become hokage and get Sakura and maybe save Sasuke but i could care less about him he weirds me out.

2. Bleach

My first time hearing the word shinigami and after seeing rukia i was swept up in the world of bleach and everything that deals with it. I loved when ichigo saved Rukia from soul society it was crazy one of the best moments in any anime ever hands down to me and the fight with Byakuya right after was Crazyy. I also love Senna and could honestly see her with Ichigo. I <3 Nell young and old too. As of right now i hope Ichigo gets stronger cause its looking impossible for him...

3. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

Just got into this but i love it and i like how Tsuna grows into a more trustworty and stronger person each episode. The story to me is very original and the little love that goes on i love it too. Haru or Kyoko two great choices. Spoiler* when Tsuna went to the future and older Kyoko called him Tsu kun OMG!! does that mean there like a couple cant wait to find out I LOVE THIS SHOW.

4. One Piece

Luffy determination is a once in a lifetime thing and i cant wait to see him as the pirate king. He has an amazing crew and they are all great in there own ways from nami and her greed for gold to zorrows iLL skills with all those swords and Luffy goals it just is one amazing show with original characters and i look forward to every episode.

5. Detective Conan

Not quite the action like Naruto or bleach but it puts you in a different state of mind and Kudo Shin'ichi is one kid with a brilliant mind and i love pretending to be like him in a way and trying to solve the case. I find it amazing that 500+ episodes and everyone is different and unique in everyway. I also think Ran Shinichi is one of the worlds best couples and i know she loves him and hope one day they can be together and i altogether just love Ran she is a very unique person. Her mom is also quite the character and her dad is too funny and this show is just great and makes you think and i look forward to each episode and movie the newest movie looks insane cant wait to watch when it gets subbed =).


My Top 5 Romance Animes

1. Special A

I absolutly fell in love with Hikari cause she has that attitude that makes me you want to see her succeed and she is not stuckup in the least and her and Kei make a great couple.

2. H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

I love how even if pple were being mean to Hayami, Takuma didnt give in and their love grew slowly but surely. The fact that Takuma didnt act like the others show how kind he was and the whole him being blind the whole time sort a thing was just mindblowing to me.

3. Seto no Hanayome

I love this show because it wasnt like most romance animes the way how right off the bat San had to be Nagasumis wife was just great and her determination to be a good wife was so heartfelt and as the relationship grew it got better and better and the singing episodes versus Runa chan was great too the songs were really catchy =).

4. True Tears

One of the first romance animes i watched it is an incredible story and up till the end you dont know who Shinichiro would pick and Noe Isurugi i couldnt believe he didnt pick her she is such a different and great and amazing girl but he still picked good in Hiromi Yuasa. This story is strange with the whole flying chicken bit but it symbolizes something lovely and great.

5. Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Another one of the first romance animes ive seen its a touching tale of two kids with illnesses and what they go through for love. Even the ending is uncertain but you know that Yuichi and Rika will be together for as long as time allows and the journey for the two is a great one full of touching and funny times.


My Top Couples (No order after #5 lol its just that i saw those after 1-5 i guess)

1. Ran & Shinichi

A great couple from childhood and they need each other to succeed in whatever they do in life.

2. Naruto & Hinata

She loves him to death. Always even when he was a loser in everyone eyes and reject due to having Kyuubi in him. She always believed in him and saw the man he could become..Before he defeated Pain Hinata was the onlii one to step in and help Naruto she couldn't stand by and watch her love battle such an enemy...She is a great girl with amazing looks and her and Naruto deserve someone who will live the real them not just a hero or w/e Naruto ends up being (Hokage I hopes hehe)

3. Tsukune & Moka

A great couple that would do anything for each other and shows that  a vampire and a human can love each other the only thing is they need to release all their feeling and stop with the games hopefully season 3 we see an end.

4. Nagasumi & San

A great couple thats like "married" a cute couple thats really dedicated to one another and they both show a great mermaid and human relationship and I like how Nagasumi grows with San and her mermaid chivalry

5. Kenji & Nanami

Trust me this couple is from Lamune maybe not alot of pple have seen it but they deserve to be more well known great animation a genuine couple that started from such a young age her dedication and undecisivness is cute and not a tired feeling and as you see their relationship grow more and more with each day you really start to fall in love with them both.

6. Saito & Louise

Watched the seasons in like 3 days it was really really nice and i know they really love each other it was so great to see a anime where they actually have like kissing and jealousy and not just one confession at the end. Saitos love for Louise is a amazing thing and Louise having to realize she loves Saito was great to see too Yay Saito and Yay Louise. A good story one like i never heard and kept me intrested every episode this is couple that I know is in complete love with each other.

7. Keitarou & Naru

Just an amazing couple and there whole getting together was so real to me it was incredible. Like to actually see a failure in an anime and a geeky person is a rarity to me and for him to go through so much to make his dreams and promises come through and to get the girl he wanted is a great thing. To see Naru warm up to Kei was too nice and when she said she loved him and they started kissing and wanting to do "it" how awesome was everything altogether a great couple (*spoiler) that got married and it was so nice to see so glad they ended up with each other. Kei and Naru forever.

8. Ryuuji & Taiga

OMG soooooOoOooooo incredible what a iLy couple it was so cute the whole getting together and this anime altogether was simply amazing and really really funny and the confession at the same time and the when I turn 18 marry me thing how cute was all that. A great couple who relys on each other and will be together forever and ever Yayyy Ryuuji & Taiga make the cutest couple ever i swear it.

9. Maiku & Karen (As Brother & Sister) & Maiku & Miina

Yo OMG lol what a sick anime and I was so confused as too who was his sister and it was crazy im so glad it ended up being Karen and after everything could she be a cuter lil sister like just the best thing ever she was all over him and it was so funny and cute...And then him and Miina relationship was so cute too and how she gets red all the time and fights with Karen just crazy good an amazing anime and I know they will live happily in that house :).

10. Kazuki & Tokiko

An amazing anime with a crazy good plot and the romance that ties in with the great fight scenes is just sick...Kazuki's never give up attitude mixed with Tokiko's loner attitude it too perfect for words. So happy they got to express their feelings. Kazuki made the best decision and came back to her arms so perfect~!! The first kiss between them was so perfect and i know Tokiko would give her life for Kazuki and he would do the same for her. Altogether a stunning couple that will be together forever.

11. Tatsuya & Feena

Wohhh what a crazy good anime...Very nice exactly what you need a romance anime quite predictable but such cute characters. Tatsuya realizing what he wanted the most and striving towards his goals no matter what was really great. Feena falling in love with Tatsuya and getting engaged and married and the love in between was sooOoOooo Cute....The whole cast as well was very good and funny and all around a truly good anime.

12. Kaoru & Aoi

OMG what an incredible story and a incredible couple. Aoi is the perfect woman and her love for Kaoru is soOoOooo beautiful. All the other characters from Tina to Chika to Taeko to Miyabi to Mayu were so good as well i loved all of their varying personalities as well. Aoi and her love and her values and beliefs is a once in a lifetime thing and im sure Kaoru will never let her go or make her sad. Kaoru as well was a good person who deserved Aoi after losing everything that was dear to him. Altogether an amazing couple and a great anime and manga.

13. Aihara & Futami

From Kimikiss a really good anime that focused on many characters not just the main ones. One amazing couple was Aihara and Futami. I really loved Sakino too but Futami grew on me towards the end. She is a very great girl who is a genius afraid to love and altogether weird and i didnt think I would like her at all. She went from cold and logical to a amazing person ready to love. Aihara was good as well for never giving up on her and im sure they will be so happy together.

14. Kouichi & Mao

The main couple from kimikiss...So Great OMG Soooooooooo good you have to love how they both had there own romances going on but towards the end there feelings overwhelmed them to the point where they had to break up with whoever they were with and get with each other. Mao is a great person so fun and outgoing and she and Koichi will be so happy together. It was sad to see yuumi have to accept it but she knew ahead of time so im just glad she learned to be more open with people and kai he gonna be fine I believe. Kouichi and Mao omggggggggggg what a good couple they will be together for ever wohhhhhhhh!!.....

15. Daisuke & Riku

Omg D.N.Angel what an amazing anime soooooo love daisuke and his personality and so love rikus personality as well. Found it so crazy that he started of in complete love with risa but clearly riku was a much better choice for him she is cute sorta tomboyish but altogether a great girl who trulys thinks of him all the time and this anime altogether was incredible from the whole thief concept with dark to all the characters. But i just especially loved everything that happened between niwa and riku omg so good~!!

16. Ichigo & Senna

Meant to put this couple for awhile and after watching the movie I remembered to put it lolz. I love ichigo with Orihime but it was so rare to see ichigo really love someone I believe. Senna was loud outgoing fun and ichigo was all tight and stuck up but Senna really opened him up and saw the real Kurosaki Ichigo. I cried when Senna disappeared just as ichigo did one of the saddest moments in bleach and im sure deep down ichigo remembers her and they had the possibility to become an amazing couple when she said said "i dont want to live in a world with no ichigo" OMG best line ever lolz

17. Kei & Tohru

BEST COUPLE EVER LOLZ...Fruit Baskets wa an amazing anime and you have to continue the manga to see how tohru breaks kei and all the Sohma's from his life and their curse. Tohru has to be one of the cutest kindest girls ever up there with Aoi lolz she is all around nice who has had such a hard life but always manages to smile (Her smile is one of the best things ever) and is a great girl who will be happy forever with kei. Also kei is a person trapped with a curse thats one of the worse in the Sohma's and he had such a bad attitude and he didnt trust anyone but all thanks to tohru he was broken out of it this whole anime was amazing from yuki to all the characters and all the people in the zodiac i love this anime and Tohru so very much. So happy she and kei confessed to each other and lived happily ever after.

18. Hiro and Miyamura

What a nice couple see had such an amazing personality that you couldnt help but love her. She was so afraid to be alone and im so happy Hiro found a girl that understands his dreams and im happy he got her to go back to school and that they live together being happily in love. The whole messages bit and the ending with the countdown of seconds on the phonecard OMG so funny and cute.

19. Renji & Chihiro

Ok one of the best animes ive ever seen so amazing how can someone who can only remember what she does for the day for only 13 hours then her memory forgets the whole day and to go through that everyday for 4 years. Heartbreaking story...Chihiro is an amazing girl who is lost and doesnt wanna burden people but all in all she wants to be loved and remembered. Renji is a very strong boy for dealing with Chihiro and trying to keep his image in her mind. The ending where they kissed so many times and confessed and sealed they love then she threw away the diary pages (gotta watch to understand lolz) So sad but he never gave in and finally at the end she remembers him after the time limit which is truly a miracle brought by renji and his love and if anyone deserved it, it was Chihiro she is a cute fun girl who im sure will be happy forever with renji.

20. Kou & Aoba

Just watched Cross Game and skipped a few episodes here and there but from the beginning it was so cute Kou and Wakaba and then she pasted away omg so sad and Aoba always disliking Kou and the whole going to Koshien thing. Also the last episode was the best and Kou put up with all of Aoba's attitude and lies and saw the real her and the fact that they moved on as a couple despite how much her sister Wakaba was in love with Kou was good to see cause they knew and I felt too that Wakaba would have wanted things to end up like that a great anime with a good romance and great action and loveable characters.

21. Usui & Misaki

OMG one of the best couples i have seen lately, Misaki is too cute for words to express and Usui isnt the usual extremly cool anime guy theres something different about him. The way Misaki acts all the time is so nice to watch how much she acts like she hates Usui but deep down he takes her breath away. Usui is an amazing person to deal with Misaki and never give up and every moment they share together is too perfect and gives me chill. I know they will make it forever.

22. Agemaki & Zakuro

So Great one of my favorite animes and favorite couple ever...Also the whole cast especially the twins and their "fight" song put this anime in a league of its own....Zakuro's Tsundere personality was so Cute to watch and The whole Agemaki being a wuss was truly something to be remembered..He perservered through everything and he learned spirits arent all bad and Zakuro learned how to trust someone...His confessions to Zakuro were wonderful and when she finally said she loved him and they kissed omg I could have died a happy man.....All in all and incredible couple that will be together forever I just know it <3

23. Yamamoto & Suzuka

Kk so just finished this and absolutly loved it. I avoid it for years thinking it was a sad romance but I was wrong. The anime completly pissed me off but the ending was just. So I headed striaght for the manga and been reading non stop and finished it and loved it and cryed a bit at the end. He went through so much for Suzuka and her attitude was so bad at times but deep down she was a kind girl who just needed someone not to give up in her. Yamato is a bit of a baka but even though he worried at times and was indecisive at times he did not let his love for Suzuka shake. The ending was amazing I loved it the whole thing. I would give up the world for my girl as well so I understand Yamato and his choices and respect him so much. All in all an amazing story with Suzuka was a real girl not a typical girl but a real girl with real feelings and emotions. I didn't care for her at first but quickly I saw her for who she really was.

24. Okarin & Makise

I watched Steins;Gate and forgot about to add them here but I just seen the OVA episode 25 basically and all the feelings and everything from the past came through again. I am amazed at this anime it is in my top 10 for sure I absolutely love it to death. Such a good show with loveable characters a plot thats so perfect with amazing pacing omg just love it.....Okarin and Makise is adorable together he went through so many world lines and still love her so much she even did the whole close your eyes thing and then it cut to credits! So perfect to me flawless in every way shape and form..I will never forget this and hope I can have a love like theirs...Okarin is a mad scientist with an amazing laugh! and Makise is a genius and will always be his lab member ahhh love them together so nice..Also got to see Suzuha's mom on top of everything ahhh so amazing 7 years later and just ahhhh amazing amazing I cant get over it. Never forget these feelings from any of these animes or couples they are so worthwhile I love it I love it I love it Makise Okarin be happy together forever.


25. Soushi & Ririchiyo

kk so I am so mad at myself for adding this couple but...They are so amazing together the anime altogether was stunning with great animation. I loved watching everything and Ririchiyo was such a timid person who been through hell and knowing Soushi was the one who wrote those letters was so great to watch. The way they evolved and learned to love was epic to me. I loved the supporting cast as well Karuta is a cutie with Inori personality hehe. I wish them the best and hope the manga is just as good because I plan on starting asap.


26. Banri x Kaga Koko

Lets be honest I skipped through like the last 12 at super speed till the last because the whole lose memory back forth ghost Banri this and that was not my cup of tea. What was my cup of tea, Koko! She is a beautiful deep incredible girl who reminds me of my amazing wife. She starts and everyone hated her but I didn't she really was an in depth girl full of emotions and a great person. People should not keep judging just based on looks. The creator of one of my favs Toradora did it again. Regardless of how I felt about the ghost business I recongize a masterpiece when I see one. I love how they grew with each other and how Kaga left her mark on Banri that even after forgetting he remembered again. Also fuq Linda senpai all around! Indecisive hoe lol jk but honestly am happy her and Yana seem like it will work out. Although Oka Chinami is a way better choice imo.

27. Kennosuke x Yukina

Such a good anime. Actually the first anime I completed start to finish on Netflix. The world is at an insane time with Trump and his shenanigans afoot seeing the things he has done in such a short period. This anime was an amazing distraction and made me realize my love for anime and manga all over again. Nothing like marathoning a good show with no distraction from the outside world. All in all a great show Kuromukuro. Loved the take you as a wife bit. I will live on in hope for any confirmation they linked up again 5 years down the line but even if I see nothing I KNOW they did cause you just gotta hope for the best and her going to Mars show that even 5 years later she loved him enough to not let go of that dream. Its such dedication and I love it. Amazing couple amazing show and I hope for another season or ova!!.



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wiki19 Feb 19, 2009

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Rince Feb 17, 2009

oh, wow that was just bad Luck I guess , never ever happend to me

Rince Feb 15, 2009

Yo, you have seen some cool animes i recon xD but you still have many cool left to see ^.o belive me , hehe you can never watch too much anime , hehe