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15 OCT


Very interesting storyline about a death event that happened in childhood and still resumed a problem in teen years of five people.


Very detailed work, a bit too detailed if you ask me. Towards the end it felt dragged on.


I think the opening and ending music is very good and fits the theme perfectly.


Four of the characters are protrayed very well. It showed what there lives had been like back then and now. The other one wasn't even in a major character, he was just there. There was no real connection to one of the characters who was suppose to be a main character.

You would like this if you like:

  • Sad stories
  • Teen life
  • Mini love story
  • Ghosts
  • A good laugh

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8.6/10
  • Animation 9.4/10
  • Sound 10/10
  • Characters 9/10
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