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Episode 11 SAO


Asuna and Kirito leave the Knights of Oath Blood(I think that's what it's called.....) and move out to floor 22. They got married, seeing that there are rings on their ring fingers. They have a conversation about if they made it out, would they're relationship exist in real life? And Asuna says, "Even if this is a virtual world, my feeling are real. There is one thing I've learned here. Keep doing your best till the very end. If we make it back to the real world, I'll find you again. And fall in love with you again." They go out into the forest and run into a little girl. She has no cursor, so they're unsure what happened to her. They bring her back to their house and next morning she wakes up. Her name in Yui. They tell her there names and then continues to call them Kito and Auna, her parent's names. They agree to go the Town of new Beginnings to see if anyone there knows her. After Asuna defeated some guards Yui started spaying out, almost hurting herself in the process. She pointed to the sky and repeated, "Everyone's hearts....." over and over again.

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