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I adore anime and video games, not to mention I enjoy playing on the computer laughing my head off! Lol, yay! I'm a very cheerful person and I enjoy to write both fanfiction and orginal stories! I have two favorite OCs but there's others where they came from. My favorites are my OC couple Renaia Sage and Gerald Tomlinson and they are just so adorable! Yay!

My favorite anime and video game couples are:

Chrono/Rosette(Chrono Crusade)



Belldandy/Keiichi(Ah My Goddess)


Cou/Ren(Elemental Gelade)

Squall/Riona(Final Fantasy 8)

Rin/Hyoma(Chaos Wars)

Cloud/Aerith(Final Fantasy 7)

Yuri/Estelle(Tales Of Vesperia)

Lloyd/Collette(Tales Of Symphonia)

Miko/York(Cross Edge)

Derek/Angie(Trauma Center:Under The Knife)


Tamaki/Haruhi(Ouran High School Host Club)

Kaoru/Hikaru(Ouran High School Host Club)

Soul/Maka(Soul Eater)

Tsubaki/Black Star(Soul Eater)

Polka/Allegretto(Eternal Sonata)

As you see, I love romance and fluffiness! As a writer, many say I live up to my AngelofFluffiness title, which is my username on as well.

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