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Hello i'm AngelBeatsYui (real name Jodie), Nice to meet you all, if you want to know more stuff about me just leave a comment. About me...well....ehhh I'm a 15 year old vocaloid, anime/manga addict like most people on this site. I'm's it -The End-

My first Manga: Pandora Hearts

My first Anime: Bleach (Movie, Memories of Nobody)

Longest Anime: Fairy Tail (175 episodes)

Shortest anime: Yumekuri (6 minutes)

1 month reached: Tari Tari Episode 9

2 month reached: Re-kan Episode 5

3 month reached: TBC

100th Manga Completed: PxP

200th Manga Completed: TBC

150th Anime TV series Complete : Doujin Work

200th Anime TV Series Complete: TBC

Last Anime Completed: Skip Beat

Last Manga Completed: Itoshi no Karen

Newest Review:  Skip Beat

Currently Watching:  Himouto Umaru-can Episode 6


Current Character Obession-

Kamiigusa Misaki- Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo



Thank you KonaIzumi for the club banner :3

So it's back again however this time it's the MANGA RECOMMENDATION CLUB part XD

Pretty much the manga side of the recommendation club that needs help 



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XxZeroeZxX says...

Jodie-chan! *hug* :D

How hav u been ^_^

Long time no see

Sep 1, 2015
Cherishire says...

Man I'm hoping so. I hate being a noob with photoshop still lol. But hey~ soon I suppose, it'll get better and better. Nice! I'd love to see em whenever you do make some or something~

Ooh nice! I just noticed to lol. I accepted you as a friend. Yeah it is actually a pain or takes up so much time to get it all settled out... but yes. You have to have 25 categories picked for it to your liking and wants. You have a full year so that's plenty of time for the challenge. If you have any more questions, just leave the club a comment and surely the admins will get to your reply ASAP. I always had Azurea answer my questions, haha. At times, I still feel confused with few faq's.

Aug 30, 2015
frankstleBilly says...

Hello Jodie! T'as been a while, how've you been? :)

Aug 28, 2015
xCanaxCherry says...

I've already gone back to school T_T It's worse then I remembered...

Aug 28, 2015
xCanaxCherry says...

YUI-CHAN!! I've missed u T~T

I've been great! You?

Aug 27, 2015