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My first Manga: Pandora Hearts

My first Anime: Bleach (Movie, Memories of Nobody)

Longest Anime: Fairy Tail (175 episodes)

Shortest anime: Yumekuri (6 minutes)

1 month reached: Tari Tari Episode 9

2 month reached: Re-kan Episode 5

3 month reached: TBC

100th Manga Completed: PxP

200th Manga Completed: TBC

150th Anime TV series Complete : Doujin Work

200th Anime TV Series Complete: Say 'I Love you'

250th Anime TV Series Complete: Ketsuekigata-kun! 2

Last Anime Completed: Akagami no Shirayuki

Last Manga Completed: Blood Parade

Newest Review:  My Hero Academia

Currently Watching:  Tanaka-kun wa Istumo Kedaruge





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If it's making a song, let's get started!- Miku, Yukari, Sasara (Technically A CeVio), Zunko, Gumi, and Maki





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Sewn says...

Yeah, it was a random thing I made ages ago, I want to make a better profile soon. My MAL one is quite a bit better (Even though I prefer this site but one of my friends made the one on MAL for me, I still have such a long way to go in photoshop.)

Also, it's to do with the TACO thread in the you have a forum account?

If so the TACO thread is here

Everything you need to know is there XD

Well, I think it looks cool. ^_^

Ooh, TACO. 

No but I really want one. Everytime I try it says that forum registrations are closed. I believe that sothis is trying to mend anime planet site with the forums so you'll have the same account for both sites, but I'm not 100% positive.

Sep 29, 2016
TitanLavi says...

Hello.  How're you?  ^_^  don't ever see you in the forums anymore 

Sep 23, 2016
Sewn says...

Hey nice to meet you, just happened to drop by your profile and then got jealous of how neat it was XD

I need to update mine to something like yours, it's so nice.

Anyway the name's Yui but you can call me whatever really XD Hope we can get to know each other

Hi, Yui-chan. 

Haha, thanks for the compliment. xD

I happen to really like yours, as well. I don't know what you would call it exactly, but your "custom made picture" looks really cool. (the picture that says "yui's profile")

Also, what is the Bronze contributor banner mean?

Sep 13, 2016
XMrNiceguyX says...

Hello DAMC participant!

I would like to tell you that there is about one day left before the fourth anime’thon will start. You have shown interest through either the chat, site or forums and would like to point your attention to the DAMC forumpost giving you the details and the rules of this marathon. This marathon will last for 31 days (from Sep 1st, 2016 until Oct 1st, 2016) with a new show revealed every day on the DAMC schedule. This site has a nifty countdown timer which will tell you exactly when the next show will be up. The time of reveal will be 12.00 GMT every day.

Out of these rules, there are some important rules we like to emphasize in this message. The first and main rule is that you have to keep up (no more than 7 days lagging behind) in order to qualify for making suggestions for the future and for you to achieve success in this anime challenge. Secondly is that you have to somehow communicate your rating in either the AP-Marathon chat, a profile comment to one of the organizers or a post in the aforementioned thread. This needs to be done within the 7 days lagging behind period.

We have 31 shows ready for you with user and organizer suggestions all the way through. Like previous anime marathons, we will organize groupwatches in the IRC chat mentioned above and our discord channel (ask any of the organizers for an invite to our discord channel). These groupwatches are completely optional. Let’s watch some shows you would otherwise never watch!

New changes in Marathon 4

  • Starting from this marathon onward, we will have a fourth organizer to keep things going smoothly. The new addition to the team is Nicknames, who you can contact with any questions, comments, feedback or rating submissions.
  • The googledocs sheet was getting too huge and has basically broken down. As a result, we have optimized and integrated the stats into the site. This is still a work in process, so it might be updated further as we progress through the month.

Hope to have given you the basics this way.

Have fun!

The DAMC team (SpanglishJC / ChalamiuS / Nicknames / XMrNiceguyX)

Aug 31, 2016
OddJobProdigy13 says...

Hey long time no talk, what's up? :D

Aug 14, 2016