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Hi, i'm a 17yr old girl from England i love anime soo much ^_^. i also try to read alot of manga cause its just loadsa fun.

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PheonixTears says...

haaaaaay anemone ;pchu been watching much anime recently ehh? you need to watch Gurren Lagann and make a anime tracker tsubaki! Although, you can safely tick off Midori no hibi now eh heh heh xXx xXx

May 15, 2009
amy says...

HI .iam 27 and ilove anime too and i from kansas .but i cant get them to play for me . can u help me play the anime .thank u

Mar 8, 2009
FireFlower says...

Hehe even tough I got it immeadly when I joined this place ^^ Well RyuShinji is your irl brother?

Mar 7, 2009
RyuShinji says...

Hi!!! sis thanks this websites awesome I'm gonna dedicate my life to marking every anime as watched!! WOOOO!  ありがとう いもうとちゃん!!

Mar 4, 2009
FireFlower says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Register to forums also If you haven't done so already!


I think you should do "vector trace" for your avatar. You can use online vector tool when you take first link that google offers.

Anyway you're kawaii because you have watched 1 month already. When you have watched 2 months you're officially here then otaku



Also remember to write your bio here ;)

Mar 4, 2009