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Rusty64 says...

sup :D

Jul 9, 2009
caffeinelord says...

Haha yeah, I've done that too. I just can't get enough of Saiyuki. But it's so long so I usually just pick random episodes. xD

There should be a second season of Ouran! The manga is so long and the anime so short. xD

Apr 13, 2009
caffeinelord says...

:D You're welcome. I love greeting people! haha.

Cool, you're a fan of Ouran and Death Note, I see. I love those two.

Apr 12, 2009
wolfiechan16 says...

oh... But you don't need to figure out how much of your life you've spent on anime.. That things automatic.. LOL..

See ya round! ♥~!

*goes back to watching KKM*

Apr 12, 2009
wolfiechan16 says...

you're sooo welcome! So, where are you top 5 anime?

Apr 12, 2009