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Manga that should have been made into anime/ better anime/continued as anime gorramit

1 Skip Beat!
Skip Beat!

One of the best shoujo manga ever, and the anime run was more of a 'prequel'.

2 Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

This deserves way more than an OVA.

3 Zombie-Loan

That cliffhanger! Ahhhh! Even the ED background showed so much more potential that just never saw the light of day.

4 Ghost Hunt
Ghost Hunt

Come. On. We all know the REAL plot twist was just lying round the corner DYING to send us a message.

5 Claymore


That is all.

6 Gakuen Alice
Gakuen Alice

They could have gone with an even darker tone underlying the story, especially concerning the events that followed after the ending. Maybe the anime series was too 'kiddish' for their intended demographics I suppose.. The manga had this Harry Potter Hogwarts Academy feel to it that was epic.

7 Samurai Deeper Kyo
Samurai Deeper Kyo

Anime was shit and nothing like the manga. Well, the manga wasn't that good in terms of plot and had a lot of cliched/ repetitive fight scenes, but the cast of side characters (yes, side) make up for it.

8 Monochrome Factor
Monochrome Factor

...Since when was Monochrome Factor about yaoi?

9 My Heavenly Hockey Club
My Heavenly Hockey Club

Funny as hell manga full of randomness. Would love to see how this translates onscreen, they could go all out over the top in terms of hilarity.

10 Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning
Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning

All of the exciting stuff is in the back of the manga damnit.


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