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Hello :) My name is Aaliyah Evans. I am 16 years of age and I am a huge anime fan. However, I'm not normal.
I have many problems, I have Atypical Depression (which is very close to Major Depression), Anger Issues, Anxiety, I'm Insecure, and I Have Issues With My Feet. But, these problems make me who I am,  so I'm proud of them.
So please do not pity me because of my issues.
I have a younger brother and a younger sister and my mom and dad, which I am very lucky to have such an amazing family.
I do not have many close friends, but that's okay with me. 
I have tons of passions, I'll list a few, I love drawing, writing, photography, riding horses, playing softball, singing, cosplaying and caring for animals. 
Right now I plan on volunteering at a local animal shelter over the summer, I think it would be fun.
Now, a bit about how I look...
I have chocolate brown hair that goes down to my mid back when wet, when dry however, it is straight and becomes wavy and curls at the very ends (everyone always thinks I use a curling iron, which I do not) that goes down to my shoulder blades.  I have chocolate, dark brown eyes that some people have claimed are 'black' before, however once they got a closer look they realized they were just a dark brown. I have dyed the tips of my hair and the tips of my bangs a bright teal, my school has strict policies on hair dyeing hair, but I don't really care if they yell at me, only my mom does. Which is why she's made me wait till summer. 
Hmm...I own a dog, two horses, five cats, and a turtle. I love caring for them, they are my family too! All animals are, even if they seem mean because that would most likely be their owners fault, but I'm not willing to argue over that with you guys, and since I love animals so much that's why I want to  volunteer at an animal shelter over the summer, plus, photographing animals is so much fun! 
I currently live in the United States of America in which I am a proud citizen of. I will not say the country I live in again for personal reasons. I hope you all understand that.  
Hmm...well I think that's all about me for now, bye! And please let me know some stuff about you guys too!~

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4nime4ddict Jul 29, 2014

Hi there and welcome to Anime Planet! I hope you enjoy your time here ^~^ xo