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Mi casa es su casa.

I'm certainly not what you would call 'normal', maybe 'mad as rabbits', but that's okay 'cause i'm totally addicted to crazy.

I got bored of reading books, so picked up a few comics, then thought i'd give Manga a try and from there sort of fell into watching Anime. I haven't watched many, so i'm no veteran, but hopefully that will change.

I'm not at all bothered about what people may think of me, there isn't enough time to waste any of it worrying about things like that. So, feel free to adore or despise me, i'm down with either.
Music is my life. I can safely say, if it wasn't for my ability to listen to music, i wouldn't be here.
At one moment, i can be in a state of depression that i'm thinking of all the ways to top myself to figure out what would be the easiest. Next thing you know, i have a huge grin on my face and nothing can knock me back.
I'm not one to hold my tongue, if i feel there's something that should be said, i'll say it.

I like drawing. I have to doodle my ideas if i'm not in a position to draw them properly, just in case i forget about it.
I like riding - BMXs mainly, or mountain bikes.
I like reading, books, comics, newspapers, blogs. As long as it's capable of holding onto my attention, i'll see it out.
I like writing, although sometimes it can get so weird that even i have to take a break from it.
I like playing games on my Xbox360 or PS3, or even my PC when it decides it's in a mood to run a game that isn't from the 16th century.

I don't like people. I'm really not a people person. You literally have about 5 seconds to make an impression on me and if i don't like you, you're out for good. If i do like you, you're in until you do something that makes me not like you, then you're out for good. Simply because the general public are a bunch of moronic, ignorant sheep and have the complete wrong idea of life.
I pick my friends very, very carefully, but that's due to a rough past.

I'm not sure if i have anything else to tell you.. I'm usually not this good at Bios. I think it's because i'm currently at that state of tiredness where i'm slightly hyper and can't bring myself to sleep.
I guess you better judge me on that then!

Oh, and i'm a mummy's boy.

Peace & Love :)

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