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First things first right?! My name is Emma, I’m 18 and I come from the land down under!!! I live in Australia with my pet Kangaroo and Koala… Kidding ;) The only pets I have are three chickens and goldfish, but I don't think they really count...?

I’m a self-confessed chocolaholic and book addict. I have a sense of humour and occasionally have laughing fits. I used to get them worse when I was younger but I like to think that I have matured in my teenage years. Whatever that means…

I’m completely random at times, it's supposedly one of my many qualities… I love my family and friends; they are absolutely amazing! My older brother and I may fight a little (Like any sibling relationship) but we get along and are pretty close. When we were younger we came up with the brilliant plan of copying the characters in the cartoons when they wrapped each other up in the rug and pulled. Unlike the cartoon where the person spins out, I ended up with a really sore head from hitting the ground. Apparently I’ve never been the same since…

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maka23 says...

You really live  in Australia that really cool! Some people said that its hot out there. You just like me you like food and so do I.

Jun 28, 2013
GotenMadDog says...

Hey welcome :) whats up what r u watching now 

Jun 22, 2013
skyphoenix says...

Welcome to Anime-Planet!

Jun 21, 2013