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Hmm, About me? Well, first off my name is Steven and I live in Reno, Nevada. I have been a HUGE anime fan since I was about 6. I love all anime, well, most anime, there are a few select series' that I cannot stand.

Favorite game: Mass Effect Trilogy, Metal Gear Series, Bioshock Series

Favorite sport: I love all sports, my most favorite are American Football and Hockey. GO HABS!

XboxLIVE GamerTag: SmegHead921

AIM: Garithuzi

YAHOOIM: [email protected]

Feel free to friend request me any time, I am always looking for new peoples to talk to XD

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SweetKittyForever15 Nov 4, 2010

I love trinity blood yes sir how are you

wolfangel87 Nov 4, 2010

Grrrrr, what anime have you been watching?!?!?!

wolfangel87 Sep 16, 2008

Hehehe I have been gone for quite a while too!  How was the anime con???

Things have been going pretty well, I start school again next week (my last year!!!!) so I am pretty excited about that.  Other than that I have just been working and trying to move, kinda stressful but fun at the same time!!  ^_^

wolfangel87 Sep 13, 2008

come back come back where ever you are, come back come back to see me!  :)