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Aki Sora Review

12 DEC

I came across Aki Sora after Browsing around the internet. At first I thought "This is digusting!" But as I watched on my became more and More addicted. I found myself searching for more episodes, desparate to find out was going to happpen.

For those who have not read the manga or watched the anime let me explain what Aki Sora is about. If anyone has just started watching please beware that I am not holding back on spoilers.

Aki Sora revolves around a family that includes Aki Aoi (The eldest sister) Sora Aoi (Aki's Younger brother) and Nami Aoi (Sora twin sister and Aki's younger sister).

When Aki and Sora were young they used to fool around an do lewd thing with eachother (no sex) at the time this was just fooling around to them. They also used to exchange the words "I love you" with each other on a regualar basis. So you can clearly see they had and still have feelings for each other. As they have grown older their feelings have a deeper and deeper meaning. While Nami is developing feeling for her best friend Kana, who has a crush on Sora. Aki and Sora eventually confess their feelings and make love to one and other, while keepin it a secret from the rest of their family and friends. Nami goes through a rough time trying to figure out why Kana likes Sora and not her. I dont want to give the end away so im gonna leave it at that.

So from others reveiws that I have read people have called Aki Sora "over exaggerated" and people have also said that "brother and sister having a relationship is disguting". To be honest with you if it was'nt over exaggerated then it would be lifeless and boring. I agree with the fact that incest in REAL life is wrong, but in an anime or manga is a very interesting and intigueing point to play on. I also think it creates a complex between the charaters and generally the whole story.

I prefer the anime to the manga, since the way that the anime was directed it was very dramatic and intriegueing, however in the maga there are various stories and charaters that dont have much to do with the three main characters and reallyjust take away from the main stroy line.

to conclued my reveiw. I would recommed this Ecchi to those who do not mind a bit of eroge in there. I thourly enjoyed the anime and and manga.


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