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Chrono Crusade

Jan 31, 2011

It's going to be hard for me to remember that this is a review for the ANIME, and it's gonna be even harder for me not to compare it too much to the manga. In fact, I'll probably go write a seperate review for the manga right after this, where this series will undoubtably recieve better scores- not because the anime is bad, the manga is just better. So, let's start by breaking it down:

Story: The story is interesting and puts quite the unique twist on the whole "demon and contractor" story- the "contractor" in question is one Rosette Christopher, a nun. Yes, a nun. This unique circumstance makes for quite the interesting story right off the bat, let alone the biblical themes (which by the way, let me mention, I don't believe in any sort of "god" and usually hate anything that deals with one, but this series didn't bug me at all) that are thrown in. Ideas like redemption, and the ends justifying the means- several key moral issues are thrown into the mix, and it makes for a very interesting story. Unfortunately, towards the second half of the series, the plot veers from that of the manga (and I was trying not to compare them, ooops), which can sometimes be okay, but in this case, it wasn't done particularly well. The end of the series was similar enough though, and be warned, it's pretty sad, so I guess overall it's not too bad.

Animation: The animation is very pretty- I can't place what it is, but it just looks better than a lot of animes that I've seen. The frames flow nicely, and the fight scenes have some action- not a lot- but enough to keep most people interested. The characters look good, and the expressions- sometimes comical- are interesting. That's another thing- the ocassional use of chibi characters for humour scenes adds to the comedy aspect, and though it's a serious anime overall, the funny interjections are nice, and don't take away from the overall effect. I imagine that the gorgeous style is one of the factors that makes this such a memorable anime.

Sound: In regards to the music, the opening and ending themes are two of the most amazing anime themes I've ever heard, but the OST itself isn't that memorable, so it lost some points for that. There was music at appropriate moments and everything, but overall it just wasn't all that memorable, so that's why it lost points. That's not to say the tracks are bad, just that I can't really remember any specific song standing out to me.

Characters: As for the characters, I'll start by saying that I love almost all of them. Each of them has their problems, and they're all trying to tackle them in their own ways, which makes them realistic. Sometimes some of the characters may seem like they're complaining a lot, but when you stop and think about their lives, you realize they're really not complaining much at all. I think most people feel like characters are complaining a lot when they voice even one negative thought, simply because they don't like "whiny" people, but to be honest, nobody in the world never complains about anything, and so the characters are very human in most regards. I think the emotions are wonderful, and the characters loveable.

Overall, this anime is one of my favourites, even though I think the manga is much better. I'd recommend it to anyone who's into deeper animes that provoke thoughts, and doesn't mind a little bit of angst.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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