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I'd say I'm an Otaku but that's probably pretty obvious given the site we're on. Don't really have much to say other than thanks for popping by~ If you want to see what kind of things I like in an anime, or what I'd recommend, please head on over to my "Reviews" page. I plan on writing reviews for a number of anime and manga, so please look forward to it! <3

For some random quick facts:

You won't get my real name so don't ask. You can call me Amidori, or Ami-chan or whatever you want really, I don't care.

I am female. I know it says that off to the right, but I'm mentioning it because most of the time I don't act like one. I'm pretty sadistic and violent, and I am not afraid to admit that I have a tendency to troll people when I think they're being dumb, so that's that. Also, I can be astoundingly sarcastic. Don't take it personally. Unless it's aimed at you.

My moods can be pretty sporadic. I can be bouncing off the walls one second and on the verge of tears the next. So sometimes I'll seem mean, I guess, and sometimes I'll seem kind. It's probably nothing personal, I'm just genuinely like that.

I figured I should switch up the song every once in a while (not that anybody's here to see the difference, haha...), so here's the next one~

Songs I've had here before:

"Matryoshka" by Hatsune Miku and GUMI.
"NIGHTMARE FICTION" by Daisuke Ishiwatari.
"PONPONPON" by Kyaripamyupamyu 

Also, all of my icons/signatures are made by me, though I am never the original artist.

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Kari5 says...

Good day!

My name is Kari, and I run The Anime-Planet Contributors Organization (TACO for short) on the forums. I'm contacting everyone who has had interest in joining us in the past; as a reminder we are still active and we're still working hard for our goal of contributing as much as we can to this site! If you'd like to help out Anime Planet by contributing in a variety of ways (including recommendations, donations, reviews, and more), and get rewards for doing so, please drop by our sub-forum and join us!

Lets work together to make our site even more awesome!

Sep 30, 2013
throwinglanterns says...

Hello! KitsuneClaws said I should befriend you. :D Nice to meet you!

Aug 15, 2013
KitsuneClaws says...

Aaaaaaaaaami-chaaa~n!!!!  <3333

Aug 2, 2013
sothis says...

Hiya, just spreading the word about this, if you have a few mins please check/fill it out as the results will directly impact the redesign we're working on for Anime-Planet :) thank you!

Apr 28, 2013
deideiblueeyez says...

Haha! I've seen the "Kids React To..." for the Ponponpon video on YouTube..Really WEIRD o_O

Dec 1, 2012