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Ladies Versus Butlers!

18 OCT

Anime (12 episodes) 4/5
My Rate: NC-17

Story: On scholarship, Hino Akiharu has transferred to Hakureiryou Academy to become a member of the Servent Education program, destined for life as a butler in the houses of the fabulously wealthy. But on his first day, a chance accident causes him to land hands-first on the chest of the school's most voluptuous and prestigious student, Selenia Iori Flameheart. Now, struggling under the punishing Servent-Ed curriculum, tormented by his childhood friend Tomomi and annoyed to no end by the pompous Selenia.

This show is so perverted. It's great, if you like panty shots, boobs, and random pervy situations with little reason this is a good one. Funny, with little back plot, it leaves you wanting more. The ending doesn't have much of a build or resolution. The story isn't super intricate all together but each character has a bit of a back story that you get to know through out. Once again the characters are what is best about this anime. Not too much need to watch it in order. Lots of fun. Judge for yourself. 4/5(mostly for characters)

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem

Art: 5/5 Maybe its just me but I really like this art style.

Mood For: Something Really perverted and funny just because.

Asked Myself: Can your boobs really be that big?

Favorite Character: Kaoru Daichi  Very cute <3

Favorite Episode: "Secret Versus Boy?"

Suggest if you Like: Kanokon

Something I don't usually rate: Boob sizes compared to other anime: 4.5/5

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