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about me

Well, what to say...

You, can see I'm female, 18 and I clearly like watching anime or I wouldn't be on here lol :P

I'm at sixth-form at school, currently studying English, History, Psychology and R.S. Don't ask me how they're going, I hardly know myself...

Erm... I like the usual sort of things, you know, music and the like. I'm mainly into rock but I love J-Music too, especially Utada Hikaru and Ayumi Hamasaki; but I do like a bit of other music too, I like a bit of variety, I suppose I'm quite diverse like that, think of that what you will :P

I also like to play video games. I play playstation, but mainly xbox. My favourite game are generally RPGs like KotOR, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Fable, Final Fantasy and the like, but I do play games like Halo and Gears of War when the mood takes me. I often get alot of stick being a girl gamer, but I don't really play to win (but it is good ;P), I play mainly for fun. Saying that I do quite enjoy the response I get when guys find out that a girl just kicked their ass...

Well, I find that's enough info for now...

BTW. My xbox gamertag is AmazingOracle, feel free to add me!

I also have a Bebo account, if you wanna add me there search AmazingO ;)

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sothis avatar sothis


Sep 22, 2009

Is your avatar Alucard? I cant quite tell ^^

Sieg06660 avatar Sieg06660


Jul 16, 2008
Sarge128 avatar Sarge128


Jul 11, 2008

Yay! Comment! Thanks! Blarg.

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