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Son, I'll let you finish, but Gurren Lagann is the best anime of all time. All time!

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Howlorihara says...

That is your prerogative.  It's an unusual anime that people either tend to love or hate.  I completely understand why it isn't everybody’s favorite.  It tries a lot of techniques that are pretty unusual and don't necessarily fly with everyone.

Apr 11, 2012
Uriel1988 says...

Hey there,

I want to write a few words in response to your comment on my AnoHana review.

My main issue with the way it portrayed the characters' emotions was how huge the emphasis on simple childhood crushed was. That, and the fact that Jinta was incredibly traumatized by Meiko's death while little to no attention was paid to how his mother's death affected him. That struck me as incredibly awkward. Even worse was that the father seemed strangely indifferent to how his own son was wasting away his future being a shut-in while he should be going to school.

I'm aware that this should've been in my actual review. I know that I'm not that good of a writer, to put it mildy. I nonetheless hope that I was able to explain my stance a little better.

Mar 23, 2012
Raux says...

thank you for your comment on my review! Yes, one of the website reviewers said the same thing about my review when i submitted it to him. It was a tough one for me. I felt that even giving the premise would give away too much for this anime. but after thinking about it furthur, i realize that i do need to add the premise.

The premise is pretty simple. the main character is Rintaro Okabe, he's a highschool graduate who has a group of friends who invent stuff. He loves to go by an alias named hououin, and calls himself a mad scientest (which tends to make people think he is crazy, and he kind of is, which makes it funny). One of their inventions is a phone-activated microwave that they uknowingly made into a sort-of time machine. I dare not say anything else other than the story progresses as they learn about what they invented and meet new people that form interests about the invention.

Feb 27, 2012
hoffstyle says...

Thanks. I have to disagree with you to a point. The "true" route she leaves and refuses to talk to anyone until she tells her parents to throw out her medal, brother to throw away her collection prompting him to go to America where surprise surprise she comes home with him, throwing away a potential Track career so she can be with her Otaku friends and him. That being said, at the end she does thank him for what he does for her and seems to be a different person by the close of ep 15.

This does NOT however, change my mind from finding her absolutely dispicable and reprehensible (especially when she treated Manami like pure dogshit) and her redemption comes a little too late. In all, she is a character that I cannot finger why I am so on the fence about.

To me, I found his relationship with Kureneko the most endearing..and was delightfully happy to hear they start dating in volume 8 of the novels. Take it for what it is: I enjoyed it on a 3 out of 5, but the OVA's a vastly superior IMHO.

Feb 16, 2012