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bunnyfingers Jan 30, 2008

Hey!  Welcome to anime-planet!  You should definitely fill out the rest of your profile, like your top 5 and your bio, it helps give demographics so that other users can suggest/get suggestions on what to watch.  Anyways, I love bebop as well.  So good!  Champloo wasn't as good but that's not saying much, because it was still pretty awesome in my opinion.  You'd probably like Claymore, it seems to be the "in" anime at the moment, and it's pretty gruesome but well done (not gory just for the sake of gore... well at least in my opinion).  I also noticed that you have FMP: TSR on your to watch list... but you haven't seen any of the two previous series?  The first one is like a combo of the second (Fumoffu) and the third (Second Raid) in terms of atmosphere.  Fumoffu is all fun, whereas TSR is so serious... but wow really really good.  XD  Just some suggestions... :P