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Mar 21, 2013

And it comes to an end... for now, i hope. Psycho pass has taken me on quite journey. It started off pretty strong for me but slowed down halfway through but then thankfully picked itself back up again soon enough.

We see the system through Akane and Kogami's eyes, and it's clear that the sibyl system is just all kinds of wrong. But whilst Kogami constantly tries to rebel in his own way, Akane, on the other hand, fits into it like a glove. We are taken through thier internal struggles as they cope with expectations, change and growth. One of the main problems is that the series is so focused on quoting witty things and making a point that character development is pretty much thrown out of the window. Although we do have our plain old crazy bad guy- makshima- but if you read reviews you'll note that he has actually become a fan favourite. Now I don't know if it's because so many other characters are lacking in depth, but there's something about him despite his creepy ways. In a way you want to root for him because he is trying to do the right thing, but he is so messed up that the way he goes about it, and the trail of bodies he leaves whilst on this journey of his is just plain fucked up. He is calculating and sick in the head but he is also the one thing that keeps you guessing because he is so damn mysterious - it's unsetteling to say the least. And lets face it, it's quite something to see this one man pretty much take on the world and give this system the middle finger way before anyone else even thinks of questioning it. he's doing what Akane or Kogami can't do. but i just really wish he went about it in a way where i could really root for him.

The thing is, even though so many characters were underdeveloped, including kogami, they all played their part well, and when they came on to the screen you watched intently because despite that one big flaw they still stood out. All that tells me is that if there had been more time spent on each character, they could have shined so much more brighter. Unfortunately, we were given one full episode on a character that was the least interesting of the lot- i would have much more prefered kagari. The ending may have been predictable but it was predictable in a sweet way. I persoanlly liked how history was repeating itself in a number of ways and accepted the bitter-sweet way it presented itself.

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