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Name: Dale

Nickname: several - Alvarg, Alv, Garara, LCG (Alvarg being the most popular)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Location: City: Melbourne, State: Victoria, Country: Australia

Hobbies: Playing games on Pc and consoles, fighting (on my own will) i play Eve online, Runescape, Gunz, Quake3 and occasionally counterstrike, Computer programming (visual basic and game maker), Reading Nuklear power comics

Music: Waka Laka, Shoot Me Again (metallica), Most pokemon game music (especialy Primal Dialga battle music) techno, Röyksopp

Obsessions: Swords

The user Here "Kindach" and I are good friends (we met on Eve)

Fave foods: i dont really like my greens im more of a carnivore than an omnivore

Strengths: Strong and fairly intelligent

Weaknesses: Chocolate

My top 5 fave games on the planet (online/offline)

5:Quake 3 - Arena (My name in Q3 varies and it isnt really possible to find me) 

4:Runescape (if you play RS my character name is "Uxie owns" no quotes)

3:Neo Steam (generally game like WoW that isn't WoW, awesome =P)

2:Eve online (if you play eve my main character name is also "Alvarg" no quotes)

1:Gunz: the duel i go around with the character names "Alvarg", "Uxie_owns", "Vixey_" and "Karara_desu"

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Sasukefanx12 Jul 13, 2010

Nice =) *Shrugs* I dont even battle ppl with obviously cheated pokemon (ie. pokemon that aren't released yet, pokemon with imopssible stats even with EV training, pokemon with impossible abillities or attacks) and if I find that someone I'm battling has any of those, I simply turn off my game. There's no point in battling them. It takes away from the sportsmanship and comradare of the game. I'm fine with cheated pokemon that are actually POSSIBLE, I do that myself, like I have a Dragonite that my cousin cheated for me, its abillity is the same, I taught it the attacks myself in-game and the stats are only boosted for attack and speed, but they're only as high as you can get them w/ proper EV training. But absurd impossible cheats are off-limits for me, I womt battle anyone who uses em.

Sasukefanx12 Jul 6, 2010

*shrugs* I dunno, if it were me I wouldn't feel fulfilled if I beat it cheating like that. I'd rather work at it with a pokemon that I trained than cheat and have this little nagging empty feeling XD O.o That would be PATHETIC if you commit suecide over a pokemon game...or any game really. Though I'm sure many people have, thats the sad part.

Sasukefanx12 Jul 6, 2010

No it doesn't, I never EV trained mine. People really underestimate Shedinja. Lol but thats cheeeeeeaaaaaaatiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnng

Sasukefanx12 Jul 5, 2010

Yeah one attack IF it hits in the first place. If you don't put him out against pokemon that he's weak to (which isn't much, there's only like 4 types) he should be fine. Plus if u get good enough attacks on him and if he's fast enough (doesn't matter too much) its even better. Like you can teach him dig to take out fire pokemon which he's weak to, X-scissor which I believe is strong against Psychic, plus its just a good move, Giga Impact is great for him if u can get it and...I forget the other move I have on mine, but I'm sure u could find sumthin if u want.