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Hi I love anime

I forgot I joined this!

I went to London expo in May last year but not oct cause something came up :(

  I hope to find more UK anime friends <3

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liman Apr 23, 2009

hay there and cool lain pic im a big fan of the anime. haha!!!

TohnoShiki Feb 5, 2009

Yeah I will, last time I was Kira from death note (and my friend was L), and the time before that I was Van from Gunsword. I'm not sure what to go as next time though... 

If you want you could just make a costume from clothes you already have, thats what I did.I don't have nuff money either to pay crazy amounts for a pre made costume, would be cool though.

who would you go as if you could?

TohnoShiki Jan 29, 2009

Hi there,

The anime expo is great, my first one was may last year as well, the october one was my second but i think its better to go in warmer weather - I felt sorry for some of the cosplayers there...


nice top 5 anime.

elena100 Jan 29, 2009


you go to london expo? so do i. i might see you in May.

thankyou for your comment, i like it too, it's Serial experiments Lain. :)