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Iya. My name's Lisa. Vampire Knight is fucking beautiful. Watch it now. As is Phantom: Requiem for The Phantom, Blood +, Naruto and of course Vampire Knight Guilty.  Japanese theme songs are the one. <3

I'm a recent fan of film four, having recently seemed some varying films which were suprisingly good. Such as The Libertine, Naked (Weird, but afterwards you realise it's rather epic), The Butterfly Effect, Old Boy, The Prestige and my favourite film ever: Closer. I have nothing but pure admiration and love for this film. It's a masterpiece in my opinion.
I tend to enjoy anything Japanese orientated.  

Favourite ending themes : Naruto Shippuden 7th ending, Long kiss goodbye - Halicali.


And various other naruto ones.

Fav opening themes: "Senritsu no Kodomotachi" by ALI PROJECT - the 2nd theme for Phantom Requiem.

The closer naruto one, and the one from highschool of the dead.

(I'm not good with names ;S)

I read occasionally. Think and drink too much and go between cynicism and optimism in a matter of seconds.

This is me.  

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Nurarihyon19 says...

im new to the site thought i'd say hello cuz you seemed quite interesting :)

 you have a pretty cool list we seem to like some of the same stuff, plus its nice to see someone else from england

Nov 30, 2011
AlmightyHanakoChan says...

Rofl, you're really getting into it now, aren't you? XD It's addictiiiiive!

Nov 11, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

I also perfered Zero, he just had that certain quality about him that said he really cared

Nov 10, 2010
wolfangel87 says...

I LOVED Vampire Knight too!  Who was your favorite character?

Welcome to AP!  ^_^

Random question time:

What's your favorite school supply?

Nov 9, 2010
sothis says...

Welcome to the site ^_^

Nov 9, 2010