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about me

If u want to see my History with Anime just see it in my Blog :D

And this is the other thing that i like:       

Hobby                   : Watch Anime, Read Manga, Hear Music, Play Game, and Swimming

Fav Lesson            : Math & Japan language

Fav Jap Band         : Abingdon Boy School, Nightmare, and Flow

Fav Jap Game        : Persona 3&4,.hack//G.U,Ar Tonelico II,Hatsune Miku PD ,Tekken 6 BR

Fav Male Seiyuu     : Hiroshi Kamiya, Tomokazu Sugita, and Daisuke Ono

Fav Female Seiyuu : Rie Kugumiya, Aya Hirano, and Kana Hanazawa

Fav Studio             : MADHouse & DEEN

Fav Male Char        :

  1. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
  2. Hei (DTB)
  3. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)                         

Fav Female Char    :

  1. Clare (Claymore)
  2. Hakufu Sonsaku (Ikkitousen)
  3. Aika Sumeragi (Aika ZERO)

      Fav Lolicon Char     :

      1. Yuuki Mikan (To Love-RU)
      2. Suou Pavlichenko (DTB)
      3. Flower (Kowarekake no Orgel)

      Fav Genre             : Action, Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Horror, Parody, Supernatural

      And for Manga, i read Manga but i don't make the list because i read too many Manga so i confuse to put on the list.

      Note:When you see this i will rarely log in to A-P, but it doesn't mean i'm quitting watching anime ^^" i'm still watching anime everyday XD 

       Why? Hahaha that's secret.

      Note: I will be active again in August or September

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      October 12, 2009

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      February 7, 2011

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      Hanon avatar Hanon


      Apr 3, 2010

      Hello may I ask you something ? if yes please tell me .

      How I can change my sample into something like you Alone?

      Kyrz avatar Kyrz

      Thanks! ^_^

      Apr 3, 2010

      Thanks again for your recommendation I'll try to see it right away if you have some other recommendation please tell me. I be happy to have your recommendation ^^

      Kyrz avatar Kyrz

      Thanks! ^_^

      Apr 3, 2010

      Really I don't think that you will answer me. I guess Hanon is right you are very nice. I'm glad I have friend like you. Hmm... do you have maybe some recommendation manga or anime for me? I don't really have anything to read or watch here ^-^

      Kyrz avatar Kyrz

      Great Profile!

      Apr 3, 2010

      In your favorite chara theres Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo so, do you like Jigoku Shoujo?

      Kyrz avatar Kyrz

      Nice Avatar!

      Apr 3, 2010

      Hello I'm a newcomer, Kyrz! I know you from Hanon, he is my sibling, anyway nice to meet you, oh and because of Hanon recommendation I add you as a friend, hehehe.

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