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History ^w^


I really like Anime!

The first time i watch Anime, it's when i was 5 years old and my first anime was Digimon at that time.

But at that time i didn't really thought that i would be a maniac like this, and the truth i become really addicted when i watched Naruto. And at the time i watched Naruto, it was when i was about 8 years old, even though i watched more Anime before i knew Naruto, but this Anime was the one that made me really addicted at that time. Even i become more addicted when i watched Chrono Crusade and more addicted when i watched Fate Stay Night, i was 11 years old at the time i watched this. And when i was watching Fate/Stay Night, the thing that i got in my brain was " I want to watch more Anime!" and now i become a maniac or i call myself as anOtaku maybe.

Yeaaah... that's all!


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