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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Mar 18, 2013

{{{{I SUMMON STARDUST DRAGON! Stardust Dragon can go muff himself, It's all about Dark Magician! }}}} excerpt from my last duel in 2012


My Story

If you've read my Bonds Beyond Time review you'll learn what an impact Yu-Gi-Oh! had on my life, the synchro monsters introduced in this series was a cool way to freshen up the actual game itself.

What I Liked

Ok so I mentioned I liked Yusei Fuudo, Jack Atlas, Akiza (Redhead hottie and she uses a bad ass dragon) and Crow (seriously this guy is awesome, he is suppposed to be the comic relief but damn he has one of the best decks in the series. In the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! card game his Kalut the Moon shadow was limited or something because the deck was actually dangerous in competitive play. His deck was usually placing top tier in the meta game, ok ok enough nerding out for me, time to go otaku mode, KAWAII! Ok not the kind of otaku mode

I liked the story, it seemed mature (despite the card games) and Yusei just wanted to geth things done, he didn't need to know why unless it concerned Akiza (who can blame him, I certainly can't, I applaud him for wanting to get some with the Yu-Gi-Oh! series hottest character)

I've seen bits and parts of later episodes when I watched with my younger brothers and I certainly didn't mind sitting down and watching the show on saturday mornings either to see what kind of trouble Yusei had to solve.

Oh and Yusei and friends played by the rules asopposed to Yugi/The Pharaoh who seemed to make up rules as soon he went along.... (he fused a mamoth graveyard to a blue eyes and that caused it to lose attack and ROT, and he useed Seto Kaiba's Flute of Summoning Dragon when Seto Kaiba played it to summon his own dragon.... that just makes no sense)

What I didn't like
Little Kuriboh's only other popular meme aside from "Screw The Rules I have money" comes to mind when I think about the only thing I dislike from an otherwise perfect series (yeah and Akiza has two perfect series know what I'm sayin'.... terrible breast joke I promise to never make that again haha) ok back to LK's popular meme, "card games on motorcycles" the series has a fair amount of standard duels, but this new gimmick was just weird, I mean were they planning on working on this technology? That would be cool if it was real but it just seems like tron bikes meet Yu-Gi-Oh! and they duel on them


I like this series, out of sentimentality and the fact that Akiza is hot and bad ass for having one of the coolest Dragons in the series, Crow just kicks ass, Jack Atlas is pretty cool and even gets Carly Carmine (who is the only one using a spellcaster deck and a cool one at that) Yusei is a strong lead character, and did I mention Crow Hogan just freaking rules? He could've been the main character and Yusei could've been the silent character and it still would've been awesome!

He'd have a buffalo take a diar- ok wait a cotton picking minute (is that too rude? I hope that isn't rude) I'm not AVGN

  • Varric: You have got to tell me what was in that box, Ravaini.
  • Isabela: Which box? I've opened so many...
  • Varric: Well, those too. But later. Right now: that Qunari relic.
  • Isabela: I'll make you a deal: I'll tell you what was in that box if you tell me how Bianca got her name.
  • Varric: Fine, forget I asked. Evil woman. ~ party banter between Isabela and Varric from Dragon Age II

Just a good reason why I like Dragon Age II

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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