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If the marjoity of the fans of this show are girls then I will proudly say that I like this series!
haha, if it's equal viewership then... nevermind haha just kidding

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My Story:
I'm not too sure if people are enjoying this, but I'll tell one more and wait for some feedback about it these little tails of my life, because I just find that hearing why someone likes something may help you reflect on why you might like something, just my philosophical viewpoint.

I came across this series when when my friend was watching around the time it was just ending, he showed me parts of the first episode and some of the fourth last episode I believe, it stuck with me as a series that different from the standard shonen anime, so I was interested but now awestruck by it by what little I saw. It was anime so I had to watch said my otaku self, and that wouldn't be until 4 years later when I was no longer an otaku and remembered I wanted to check out this anime.

What I Like:

I like everything in this story pretty much, the humor was akward in the first episode, I actually thought it was supposed to be a drama at first then I the second episode came on and I realized ohh ok this is going to be good!
The characters are quite solid, everyone has their purpose in the series even the quiet one who has one line of dialogue an episode.

I even applaud the English dubs over the Japanese ones as well, Caitlin Glass, Vic Mignonga (my inspiration to wanting to become a voice actor) Todd Haberkorn, Greg Ayres, Luci Chrsitian and Travis Williham/Willingrod and J. Micheal Tatum were all freaking awesome in this show

What I don't like:

You would think I'd say the twincest, but I just find it humorous especially since it somewhat bothered Todd Haberkorn having to record his lines so is there anything? no but even though this show is very well executed that you would think I am perfectly satsified with it all, but I do have two things I don't like, one is it's length and the japanese voice actors except for Tamaki's voice actor he is hilarious no matter what language I'm listening to it in

The Length of the anime was too short for me, I felt they didn't explore enough of the characters, I wish this show was at least 50-100 episodes long, that way I can feel satisfied with how would have ended, I think the manga goes on longer and is somewhat different from the anime and has several of the side characters even playing some important roles according to what I have heard on the audio commentary from the show (I do own the entire anime series because I knew I'd be in for a treat), and there is a live action drama for it I believe, but this series was something special with the voice actors mentioned earlier (the only other time I would say that would be for Full Metal Alchemist/ FMA: Bortherhood and School Rumble) that's how much I adore this anime that even in my dislike section I am still praising it.

It ranks number 5 on my all time favorite anime.


I can only think of good things to say about this series because Funimation let Caitlin Glass have fun with the series and it shows with the voice work they gave for the show.

Opposed to something like Fairy Tail I can only watch that in Japanese, OHSHC I can only watch in english unless it's Tamaki's lines then I can watch either haha

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.8/10 overall
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