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Like many of my anime absorbed friends, I was disapointed by how this ended the original Full Metal Alchemist series, but I can now sit in comfort that it is not the end of the Full Metal Alchemist universe.

So looking back on it I am less harsh on this movie as I was the first time I watched it, I realized that this was one of the few anime movies based on a series that had the spine to be canon where as most anime studios would say that it is its own separate thing from the series, this particular studio took the risk of saying this was part of thier anime franchise and how their original Full Metal Alchemist series would end, which I now enjoy because of the multitude of anime based movies simply having the typical movie villain bent on "saving" the world by destroying it. (pretty much all of them oh and they'd have enemies that would know how to fly plus subbordinates that three random characters from the show would have to face)

This alone seems original enough to warrant a watch and I'd say leave the comparisons of both the original and the remake until after you watched it all.

Check it out if you feel the same way I do about it

5.1/10 story
9.9/10 animation
8.9/10 sound
7.1/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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