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Fairy Tail

Mar 18, 2013

This is my absolute favorite anime of all time, well actually no, it's my second favorite anime of all time, and when you think of the multitude of anime out there, a question begs to be answered "Why have I named Fairy Tail my second favorite anime?" Why not something like Naruto or Bleach? There is also something like Hitman Reborn and One Piece (which I believe has a very similar feel to Fairy Tail though way more crazy)

Fairy Tail got several things right for me!

A very cool main character! Natsu makes me say Inuyasha who? Now we can argue who is the main character here, Lucy I won't argue if you think she is the main character but a lot of the focus seems to be on Natsu and his finding Igneel where as Lucy already accomplished what she set out to do in joining Fairy Tail and now seems to be along for a ride while occasionally having focus on her

A Cool side character that is bad ass! Laxus trumps Sesshomaru in my opinion man

A Cool female character that is a main character, Erza the hottest most bad ass main character I've ever seen, I do believe this series was made for me, she is A: a dark redhead B: very sexy C: Funny as well as hot D: She is quite shapely (I Know she is an anime character folks but damn if that isn't good animation for her most of the time)

Good comedy: Everyone's different, my idea funny may not translate well to someone else, so I know not everyone would like Fairy Tail, but I do and the fact it's been on for so long means alot of other people like it too so I assuming it's the story and the comedy, and for me it works and a lot of the time I enjoy seeing Natsu and Grey fighting every single time they disagree and Erza making them get along it's funny.

The Artwork: Now as a man I enjoy watching this for obvious reasons, ONE the girls, I know they aren't real, but damn if that isn't good animation and ARTWORK hahah, but it does work, and they designed Natsu, Grey and friends with some pretty cool designs, I mean even the side characters like Jet and Droy have some cool unique designs, most other anime would have gone for the army/school/police/secret agency/ uniform, where Fairy Tail has a unique design for almost every one the characters, and the girls? I've gushed over them enough. (Evergreen should be mentioned since she feels left out most of the time haha)

The Story: It's been on this long so alot of people would agree with me that it is doing something right, and here is what they do different from other anime: they don't spend twenty episodes explaining some minor detail that won't affect the show for another 60 episodes, they say this is the objective and they run out and kick a lot of butt* I can even go on record saying Erza is one of my favorite anime characters of all time too because of how much ass she can kick in this series.

Sorry to anyone reading about my apparent episode 73 review here, I thought I had the option to review every episode of the series, but as soon as I figure out how I will repost that one

This was Allairis, king of the Rockstars
I have no catchphrase/pun/witty saying/naruto jutsu/poem related to reviewing!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.8/10 characters
9.2/10 overall
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