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I Love anime in general, in particular dark anime. I also like many other types as well even a few romance styles as long as they meet one requirement. one or more of those involved have to have something unusual about them, normal people falling in love is awfully boring, but a demon king falling for an alien robot is right up my ally!

I like travel and haunted places, strange people and new things that I have never encountered before. I also have a weakness for movies that actually manage to surprise me by the end, I figure most of them out within the first ten minuets and am bored.

I dislike religions as a rule, all of them that don't worship me anyway. I also don't like politicians, just hearing them speak gives me a low grade headache.

If your strange, creepy, obsessed, insane, just plain weird, or otherwise different from the masses I will probably like you right away, still send me a msg before you add me to your friends list.

If you need to msg me use my E-mail,

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[email protected]

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Drev says...

where did u find Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan anime? I want to watch it too please!

Oct 18, 2013