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Hello there~!   =^-^=

My names Alina ~! :)

I'm 15
I'm Thai and Chinese
I'm taken<3
I'm Boring :c
I love anime
I love to Laugh
I love to sing
I love to dance
I hate being bored
I hate math ><

If I were to choose an anime that most fits my life it would be Toradora, Taigas Personality,Physical Appearence and somewhat her family issues relate to mine very much also her relationship to ryuuji is alot like mine and my boyfriends.

I don't bite so please feel free to leave a comment saying hi !  or something like that xD

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Grimmy101 Aug 17, 2011

Oh yes, yes! Rin is awesome! But who I feel sorry for is his brother, Yukio. :(I also see you are watching Blue Exorcist as well. Do you have a favorite paring for the series?Mine is BonXRin and ShimaXRin xD



Angel Beats is good, but to me, I wouldn't say it's great. With animes to be great or awesome, they have to have caught my interest so I would keep watching it or be on the edge of my seat when the release date for the next episode to come out! :D

Ahaha! I'm always lazy to start an anime. But since I have been grounded for a bit I have nothing else to do but watch more xD

Clannad? Oh I have been wanting to see that, but then again I don't want to watch anymore romances x.x

Grimmy101 Aug 13, 2011

No problem :DD

Cookies make the world go round! Unless it involves the dark side >o>

Dont trust it! They lie about the muffins and cookies ;-;

o-o I see you hate math?

I do to~

To many numbers e-e

:o Why hide behind a wall!

Walls are evil!I run into them sometimes...



Grimmy101 Aug 9, 2011

Hiya there! (●゚∀゚● )/

I was just browsing around and thought I would drop by and say hi...!




>o< I have no Idea what to say now D:


Oh! Oh!

*Gives cookie* There! A cookie for a friend! ^w^


Now Ciao~