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Hello there! Welcome to my MAL homepage! I'm 20 years old; currently at university studying BSC Geography. I consider myself a gamer; but typical pub gamer not a hardcore player, Although I do like winning in games xD I'm looking forward to meeting with all of you ;)

I spend most of my time playing games on my PS3 and PC; or watching anime! The games I mostly play are Team Fortress 2 on steam, occasionally I do play other games as well but not as often; I also play some games on my PlayStation 3 like GTA: V, Gran Turismo 6, Fifa 14 and Final Fantasy 7 which I'm very fond with. I do play other FF games too ;D

I am sometimes very busy with my university assignments so please forgive me for the lack of reply, if you do decide to comment on my profile I will do try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! I procrastinate quite a lot though so don't expect the reply to be too late too often ;)

You can add me on steam by adding "megakiller99" onto your friends list or add me on PlayStation network with my alias "Alfyan"

★My traits/Persona★: [spoiler] [/spoiler]

Me and Teh_Lemon's Video (For Team Fortress 2): [spoiler][yt]URcenLPubA8[/yt][/spoiler]

★My Team Fortress 2 Stats:★

I also play a bit of sports when I'm bored with my friends, mostly Tennis and Football. I consider it as good exercise! However I'm not really great at them. I must admit that I have been slacking since I joined University.

I love watching Formula 1 and Top Gear on TV! :D Racing and Sports are my favourite type of genres! But in terms of Anime I like Comedy and Romance the most, but I will gladly watch all kinds of genres; depending on my mood.

Thanks for reading :) Feel free to drop a comment

★My Favourite Piano Pieces★: [spoiler]

★Aerith's Theme★[spoiler][yt]mwh3W1TwPTo[/yt][/spoiler]

★Aoi Shiori★[spoiler][yt]KWsn4HpDXog[/yt][/spoiler]

★Balamb Garden★[spoiler][yt]a1JBVS8ltUI[/yt][/spoiler]


★Level 5 Judgelight★ [spoiler][yt]DYUDkb4t1Ro[/yt][/spoiler]

★On Our Way★[spoiler][yt]NGaNUznyE6k[/yt][/spoiler]

★Only My Railgun★[spoiler][yt]PzM9oVILJTw[/yt][/spoiler] [/spoiler]

★My Member Cards★

★My Member Cards #2★

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★My Member Cards #4★

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