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Hello there! Welcome to my MAL homepage!
I have a heavy interest in Meteorology and Climatology (Weather). I consider myself a typical casual gamer and I only play games that I enjoy.

I spend most of my time playing games on my PS4 and PC; or watching anime!
The games I mostly play are Team Fortress 2 on steam, occasionally I do play other games as well but not as often; I also play some games on my PS4 like Star Wars Battlefront

I am sometimes very busy so please forgive me for the lack of reply, if you do decide to comment on my profile I will do try my best to get back to you as soon as I can! I procrastinate quite a lot though so don't expect the reply to be too late too often ;)

You can add me on steam by adding "megakiller99" onto your friends list or add me on PlayStation network with my alias "Alfyan"

Me and Teh_Lemon's Video (For Team Fortress 2): [yt]URcenLPubA8[/yt]

My Team Fortress 2 Stats:

I also play a bit of sports when I'm bored with my friends, mostly Tennis and Football. I consider it as good exercise! However I'm not really great at them. I must admit that I have been slacking recently though >:O

I love watching Formula 1, Top Gear and Game Of Thrones on TV! :D Racing and Sports are my favourite type of genres! But in terms of Anime I like Comedy and Romance the most, but I will gladly watch all kinds of genres (Apart from Yaoi and Sports); depending on my mood.

Thanks for reading :) Feel free to drop a comment if you dare lol

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My Favourite Japanese Anime OST's

Aoi Shiori - Galileo Galilei
Ashita De Ii Kara - Happy Clover
Cha-la-Head-Cha-La - Hironobu Kageyama
Click - ClariS
cubic futurismo - Sumire Uesaka
Everyday World -Yukino Yukinoshita (Saori Hayami) & Yui Yuigahama (Nao Touyama)
Fantastic Dreamer - Machico
Friend Shitai - Gakuen Seikatsubu [Yuki Takeya (Inori Minase), Kurumi Ebisuzawa (Ari Ozawa), Yuuri Wakasa (Mao Ichimichi), Miki Naoki
Happy birthday to me - Bulldog Mansion (Korean)
Harumodoki - Nagi Yanagi
Hoshikuzu no Interlude - fhána
Inside Identity - ZAQ
Itsu datte Communication - Rory (Risa Taneda), Tuka (Hisako Kanemoto), Lelei (Nao Touyama)
Kodama Kotodama - nano.RIPE
Kyouran Hey Kids!! - THE ORAL CIGARETTES
Level 5 Judgelight - fripSide
LOVE GOOD TIME - Special Thanks
Misty Mystery - Garnet Crow
Neptune Sagashite - Afilia Saga
Only My Railgun - fripSide
Ookami Heart - Oresama
Oto no Naru Hou e - Goose House
Paradigm - eufonius
Platinum Disco - Yuka Iguchi
Prism Communicate - Rory (Risa Taneda), Tuka (Hisako Kanemoto), Lelei (Nao Touyama)
Re-Re - Asian Kung-Fu Generation
S.M.L - Afilia Saga
Shuumatsu No Love Song - Nana Mizuki
Sirius - Eir Aoi
Sonna Koto Ura - Megumi Nakajima
Start Dash - µ's
STARTING NOW!- Nana Mizuki
Twilight ni Kienaide - Yumi Hara
Yoru wa Nemureru kai - flumpool
You Gotta Love Me! - Kato*Fuku
Your Song - Yun*chi

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