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nallyasian Mar 15, 2012

hehe :) this conversation is sloooowly dying out...

lol you know how you meet someone new and you're like "hey!" and they're like "hey!" snd you're like "nice to meet you!" and they're like "nice to meet you too!" 

but then you don't have anything to talk about after that. so it's kinda sad :(






...actually it's pouring outside my window at the moment and it's kinda depressing cos I can hear the thunder every 5 or so mins :O

alright sorry I'll stop now. and yeah, im wierd... don't mind me :P

oh god. really, don't o.O

nallyasian Mar 11, 2012

Hello! I thought I should say hi after stumbling across your profile hehe.

I'm Nicole, nice to meet you :)

ShadowKurosaki Feb 3, 2012

Reply to first post:

The Bow string scrapped my arm on the release its quite common when learning it. No protective gear for archery. Besides archery gloves. Well I dont think there is anything else. And I just wear a singlet so nothing gets in the way so I dont every have sleeves -.-

AHahah Ill just do that... Ill make it the worlds longest note xD

Well I didnt choose to leave! Im not a psychic I didnt see my sister have psychotic break and go off her rocker, so I couldnt give notice. Ill try as much as I can to be able to go online atleast once a week okay¿

Ahhh thats good to heaR! Glade you started to draw again. Im sure u've improved! Ive only started again only a few weeks ago I stop half a year ago (coz of my sis) So maybe we can to art-trades or maybe a double meme.. they looks so hilarious.

Reply to second post:

My DA is: The-Dark-Rebellion message me so I can ad you as a friend and watch you 0.0

Nope I dont have FB anymore. Someone Hacked my account. The idiots forgot to change the email address so I could get back in. The person coursed a lot of trouble so I shut it down... Stupid ppl :< I dont go n chatango anymore either... Crazy stalker person wouldnt leave me alone.

Reply to third post:

AWWWWWWW No i want to talk to you on tinychat T~T I do care!!!!! I didnt no if ou still did live chats or not! Give me the tinychat address you go on and Ill check in ass much as i can to see if I can talk to you!!! I dont can a webcam or mic though GAHHHHHHHHHH Im try to atleast get a mic soon!!! It really pisses me off... Awww i wanna see you neko ears!!!! You have a neko mimi so lucky T~T GIVE ME ADDRESS!!!! And dont cry!!! *hugs*

No probs about all the psot I do that when I forgot to put something in the first post too xD

ShadowKurosaki Jan 28, 2012

Thanks I hope so too =\

Yeah Archery is awesome! I really enjoy it... So bruised from it though. My arm is black lolz.

Yes I hope I have fun Im sure I will! Ill shall tell you every detail from interesting to borning :P heheh

Well that sucks it didnt help but a least you had the experience, learned somethings and met some people thats always good! If you ever need to talk im always here... Im not sure how much help but Ill try my best and atleast I can listen ^^

Hahah yess must pat a kitty! heheh :3

I alive! I think... *dies* X_x