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about me

Creepy otaku with green eyes and red-like hair xD

Joke,of course,but also true xD

I'm from Sofia,Bulgaria,my friends call me Eli. ^^

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June 5, 2008

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May 18, 2009

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total anime ratings: 75


TotallyLovable avatar TotallyLovable


Jun 24, 2008

No probs! I mean! You deserve it all cuz you've watched the best comedy ever! Ouran rocks! =] 

And I too can watch it till I pass out! But that's only how it must be! 

I'll see you around A-P! :hug:

TotallyLovable avatar TotallyLovable

You Rock!

Jun 5, 2008

Hi there! I just couldn't help myself but write you a comment! =] (especially when I saw you're from bg)

Firstly, welcome to A-P! It's great here (although I'm not one to speak, when I'm on here since February this year) ^^'

And secondly, (which is more important) You rock! I haven't met so many people who have Ouran in their top 5! And it's TEH greatest comedy ever made! =] Well, that's at least what I think!

See ya around in the future! *waves* 

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