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May 29, 2013

Here's a lovely conflict that most likely to be relatable to most people - usually teenagers.

Boy A and Boy B are bestfriends. Girl A and B are also bestfriends. Boy A has a crush on Girl B and Girl A has a crush on Boy B. So, to make an effect, Boy A and Girl A team up to make their love come true but can they continue their efforts on them or their own selves?

Here, 'Toradora!' is one of those concepts. Having a crush on your bestfriend and ask one of their closest friends to help but the feeling changes, so as your perspective on the person that is helping you. Relatable, right?

Okay, we have our male lead Ryuuji Takasu and the female lead Taiga Aisaka. Ryuuji is a student who was mistaken for as a deliquent for his own eyes are intimidating because of the heredity of his own father. Scary looking as it may seem, he is actually a neat freak and a model for a husband - in which he is a master of cooking and cleaning. He has a crush on Minori Kushieda - who is a softball player, takes part-time jobs in almost everywhere, a bit weird for she says senseless things and wears a smile at the same time and the bestfriend of Taiga. Taiga on the other hand has an aggressive personality and a kind of klutz. She resorts mostly to violence and has family issues in which he hates to open with. She is called the "Palmtop Tiger" for her name and size. She has a crush on the bestfriend of Ryuuji, Yuusuka Kitamura - who is a vice-president of the student council. Your average "tsundere" for most of you. To make it more interesting, they are actually neighbors - estimating five meters far from their window. They are trying to help each other out on making their ambitious love come true but can they succeed and not turn it around towards each other?

'Toradora!' is your average comedy-romance anime. Jampacked full of fun entertainment and plot twists that make this an incredible show. A good anime for beginners or for those of you who want to start watching romance, I can recommend 'Toradora!' for you.

Okay, the story seems to be a romance that shows how to be honest with your inner feelings. The story was relatable to most people in the world who has a crush on the bestfriend of the threat in life. Well, not actually. 'Toradora!' revolves in a normal school that is essentially a perfect fit for teenage romance. The story has many plot twists and, sometimes, predictable moments. The drama and comedy were great and the flow of the plot was made clean, no details were left behind. It was a basic concept - simple and undoubtedly. It was a great sketch for a school life anime which is a little different from the other animes who have pretty boys as the cast. A cast of beautiful men who are like instant coffee who has it all. Sugar, cream and coffee. Here, in 'Toradora!', we have a simple guy who was misunderstood and blamed all the time for being an intimidating creature in which he is not.

There isn't much I can say bad about the plot. The whole show was great enough and can be a mirror to some people. It ended pretty well and you can feel the content on watching the whole series for its conclusion is well said and done. Although the show rushes a little bit, it never leaves out many questions. It moves in a normal pace - except when doing comedic skits - in a normal time, not your most School Life anime that clearly dissolves Physics.

Animation. The movement of every character was also a great thing to watch. For their body language can proved that the characters are one of a kind and shows each one on what their minds are going. The designs, well, needs improvement and needs sharpening though.

Let's go with the sound. For me, the tracks of 'Toradora!' made me wonder who sang it. I thought it was the Spice Girls of Japan or a Destiny's Child that spoke Japanese, it was... shocking I suppose. Not a bad way though. If you read the lyrics of all the songs and make it into one word, "love" is the most probable word - since it's a romance after all.

Voice acting was synchronized to the finest and it lightens the mood for the sound was explicit. Everything fits in its own role. A perfect expression to each of the characters throughout the series.

Characters were exceptional and superb. We have a complete bunch for a romance. We got our main man who is stubborn and the gentleman of all with a problematic life (Ryuuji), the female lead who needs attention and love (Taiga), the student council member and Mr. (almost) perfect (Yuusuka), the cheerful individual even at the times of trouble (Minori) and the campus idol with a figure of envy and lust whois a princess of sensitivity (Ami). The characters were entertaining and fun to spectate for their usual gags. All were great and one has a specific role that makes out laughter throughout the show. Each has their own reasons and abilities in their role in life. It has a great cast, especially Taiga. For her majestic appearance but bitter personality can be said to be the best tsunderes in the business.

'Toradora!' is an unique anime that can reflect to some out there, but let's just say that this show is amazing enough...

+ Simple plot that acts in real life
+ Normal pacing in normal time
+ Great set of characters
- Predictable

If you need a recommendation, one must say 'Toradora!'. For its story is a story that can connect. Let's face it, this is really highly recommended. Best one so far.

Overall: 9 out of 10.

9.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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