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Deadman Wonderland

May 22, 2013

Let's start the review.

Ganta Igarashi is a normal high school student who lives a normal life with his normal friends. He has good friends with a good life and a date on the newly amusement park called Deadman Wonderland on the upcoming week. Then suddenly, on one class session, a Red Man appeared and slaughtered them all, bone, flesh and blood. The end.

Except for our main character of course. And that is how this anime started, called 'Deadman Wonderland'.

Yes, that's how it started. Then, he was convicted on mass murder for he was the only survivor alive and found evidence against him, and was sentenced on death row. He was sent to the newly made private prison/amusement park namely Deadman Wonderland. He was now in prison and discovered that he has powers by using blood and can manipulate it called "Branches of Sin". With the help of a girl named Shiro - who later reveals to be his childhood friend - and some of his fellow prisonmates, he sets off to clear his name, escape from the diabolical prison and to find the "Red Man" and kill it. That was how 'Deadman Wonderland' began.

Okay, the start of the story was pretty badass. The start was so f*cking good that my eyes never blinked to begin with. Anyway, the story itself was in a good shape and never left a blank on every episode. The story is all focus on Ganta as he discovers that Deadman Wonderland was the fault for his conviction. As he struggles, he gains more power and courage for fighting for himself and becomes more stronger on using his "Branches of Sin". The story was never faulty to start with.

The story often changes pace in every episode. Even Ganta changes on every level. He starts on the idea on getting out of prison and proving innocent; then he later fights for a piece of candy that serves as an antidote; he later changes when he discovers his abilities and starts to track down the "Red Man" or Wretched Egg as the facility calls it; then changes for power when he learned that Deadman (people with the ability to use the "Branches of Sin") fought each other and he must survive at all cost; he then discovers a resistance called Scar Chain and fights for his freedom against Deadman Wonderland; and to finish the quick-change, he later fought some Undertakers (or anti-Deadman) for the sake of his freedom and for his fellow resistance members. Every so often, the pacing was quite fast and never let a single detail missed.

Sadly, the anime consists only twelve episodes which leaves too many questions on the show. It's another lacklustering anime with an ending but never had a conclusion. 'Deadman Wonderland' is an incomplete anime in short; the Manga however is a different story. Twelve weren't enough, again.

I said slaughtered because the show presented a pure genre of gore and violence. Yes, most of you will enjoy or not enjoy this series for its intense and disturbing gore. Not for the heart if you ask. That's basically on the animation, pure bloodbath with a dash of splattered blood. The detailing on characters and their blood powers where it all stand out. The flow and the colour mixes the texture of every detail on the character and the background, making a stunning design. You can feel their strong presence and awe for the animation was a top level. Unfortunately, if you're looking for fight scenes, 'Deadman Wonderland' can disappoint you for its slow pace battles, which was more focus on violence rather than fights.

The sound, well let's say, great. Music: I love its opening but the ending song was a bit unexpected and... well, different. Voice acting: It was well done for the characters' roles made a feedback. Sound effects: Technically, all were sounds of pure fashion violence and a great one I must say. Sound of blood: Never leave it out on the series cause this was the major factor of 'Deadman Wonderland'. Sounds of torture and pain: Amazing is all I can say.

The main protagonist however was the opposite of badass, cowardice. Ganta represents the fearful lead and the factor of him in terror can be seen almost on the show. Shiro represents the annoying pet candidate and was really excellent to see her as fluffy and fun. She has another side though, which is a powerful side that can destroy almost anything on her surroundings but this side was only featured once on the whole series. Other characters have different personas which was delivered greatly through out the entire show. Some of their origins where kinda intriguing for most of them have a dark past which was bloody for some reason. Antagonists kinda changes as the way the flow changes. There were many antagonists to see in 'Deadman Wonderland' but mainly, the Promoter and Wretched Egg were never tied to their loose ends.

'Deadman Wonderland' has left us with needs of explanations and expectations. It still has too many questions and the series leaves a epilepsis rather than a comma. I still think their is hope on the whole story but let's say that twelve isn't enough to end this show...

+ Has a good start
+ Great concept of powers
- Lacklustering anime
- Too many loose ends to start off

I enjoyed 'Deadman Wonderland' but sadly, it's way too short to end it. I very recommend it out there and feel free to enjoy 'Deadman Wonderland' to the bone and flesh of your body.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10.

8/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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