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Clannad After Story

May 19, 2013

Like I said on the previous review, 'Clannad' is a fantastic anime. The romance, the drama and mainly, the comedy was one big picture of pure entertainment. All is well perhaps. But can the 'After Story' prevail?

Their are two parts in the 'After Story'. First, the continuation of Tomoya and Nagisa as a steady couple and second, the adulthood and marriage of the two. Let us start with the first part.

The start of 'After Story' is where we left off. A newly couple namely Nagisa and Tomoya which makes the story less interesting for Tomoya is taken. (No more love triangles I guess.) Anyway, the main plot and flow hasn't change for he still searches the happiness for others, only with Nagisa by her side. Continued where he is still in highschool and ends the first part where he and Nagisa graduates.

On to the part two of 'After Story', the two starts living together and Nagisa works as a waitress at a family restaurant and Tomoya as an electrician. Since the two are married, she decides to have a baby. Afterwards, becoming pregnant and soon a tragedy emmerges and thus, Ushio is born.

Even though the romance becomes an intimate relationship, it still gives a boost on its viewers to keep up on the series. A really amazing type-drama was still made alive and kept going even on the second season. Let's say the chessy romance has ended and the start of the story of life about having faith, courage and heart to your partner and to the problems facing. 'After Story' was an excellent sequel that shows us about on how can we prevail the challenges of adulthood and fate.

The first part was, basically, the same. Tomoya is still knowing and solving other people's problems, only with Nagisa on his side. Most, for the first part, focus on Sunohara, for her sister Mei was concerned for her and the protagonist Tomoya must dealt this problem. The start was like a sandbox. It's just the same like before except Nagisa as her girlfriend after all. It was a slow-paced second season and just the same 'Clannad' as before. The only good thing about the first part was the spirit of Tomoya for Nagisa. Making a competition to her father to have permission to her own daughter for having freewill on Tomoya.

The second part was a guarantee rise-up. It was a grand comeback! The drama was twice the heart and power than the first. It really made me watch it non-stop, for the touching scenes of the struggles and challenges of Tomoya. Actually, the part two of 'After Story' has two tragedies that was a phenomenon and widely addressed on the season which made it the gamechanger of the show. The gamechangers were a massive impact on its viewer and lives on to foretell the events. You can see how it greatly affects the show; feeling the struggles of Tomoya to the hearts of viewers. A really enjoyable fix.

'After Story' 's events has a realistic meaning which never leaves a blank. The life of Tomoya becoming an adult and a responsible father shows us on how to become strong and determined on your own self and to accept the consequences of the followed path taken. The story was well played and the heart of the story can be felt, feeling the despair of Tomoya's life as he struggles to find hope; making the sequel an inspiring story than it used to be.

Let us set aside the main plot and let us go to the Illusionary World. Okay, for those who follow the series, you might think the Illusionary World was just a universe that Nagisa roled. 'After Story' makes a continuation out of it, making an explanation out of it and the reason for its existance. Making the questionable, answered. But its sudden twist of events in the Illusionary World was a little bit off, a rather confusing and complex one.

Animation. The scenes of sadness and pure suffering where a great shot for it makes the show really fascinating. The drama was a pure emotion, making the show succesive and tearful. As the scenes and scenaries in which he has become a father were one heck of a show. Really enjoyable for the visuals have succeeded on its behalf; you can almost feel his side with a pure kick, especially his emotions against the world. Only problem was the charaters seem to haven't change, despite of the years past. I hardly seen the signs of aging for most of the characters on 'After Story'. It would be realistic for every individual to look old as time progresses.

Sound has basically changed also. Luckily, no more of the Dango song which I can't decide on whether to laugh, facepalm or eat sh*t whenever I hear it, but I kinda missed it. The songs were pretty the same, from its emotional and melancholic structure. Voive acting was still well done, delivering the roles to a marvelous stance; showing the greatness of every character in 'After Story'.

I like the improvement of every character for the coming of Ushio, feeling a sense of maturity on the roles of the surrounding people. Tomoya's big change was also unexpected for his attitude stirs the whole segment of the show affecting his environment towards others and to the world. His fathership becomes a good conflict for himself and with the help of Ushio, finding content and acceptance. Every person on Tomoya's life also began to mature as well, part of adulthood and having a satisfying life. His friends had jobs and studies while he has a daughter that needs to be taken care of, making Tomoya satisfied.

The ending was a quantity of pure drama, as they say, "all it ends well".

An astonishing sequel I must say...

+ An outstanding continuation
+ An inspirational sequel
- Slow-paced start
- No signs of age making unrealistic

Highly recommended. All I can say. If you love 'Clannad', you gotta watch its 'After Story'.

Overall: 9.5 out of 10.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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