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May 18, 2013

Everyone has experienced a tragedic fate in their lives, leaving a sense of loneliness and anger towards ourselves and the people who surrounds us. Then, the destruction of oneself leaves into a construction of hope. Once hope is regain, you will live into a state of happiness. But many things will come and take your joy and trade it with a tragedic fate which is far worse than you ever felt before. It's up to you and your instincts to action this kind of happenings that is concurring in your life.

That is 'Clannad' all about...

'Clannad' is a gaelic Irish word meaning "family" or "clan" and it is based on the video romance game with the same title. The main theme in 'Clannad' is basically, family - or rather, the value of having a family. The anime adoptation was a good take but the prior focus were only to the main character, Tomoya Okazaki, and one of the heroines of the series, Nagisa Furukawa, instead of having other point of views with the other heroines in the usual story (except the OVAs). Basically, the story written on Nagisa was to exemplify the meaning of life and having a family and Nagisa was the symbol of a "happy family" on the main plot. Thus, making her the main heroine of the show.

Moving on. 'Clannad' starts out with our main protagonist, Tomoya Okazaki, who suddenly met Nagisa Furukawa who was speaking senseless words. That's how 'Clannad' started.

Throughout the series, we come across a universe called the Illusionary World where a young girl is the only living organism alive. Then, she creates a junk robot who doesn't speak but counts the robot as her friend and together, they find ways on how to leave the Illusionary World.

Back to the human world, Tomoya encounters the other heroines. The twins Kyou and Ryou Fujibayashi (in which the two have totally different personalities), Kotomi Ichinose (a honorable student who excels in all academic subjects), Fuko Ibuki (a weird girl who crafts starfish and always goes into a trance when she sees one), and Tomoyo Sakagami (an excellent student, both in physical and academic studies). Then, he meets the parents of Nagisa who owns a bakery, in which they sold good bread - except for the artistic ones that Nagisa's mother created - and both seem to look too young for an adult couple. (That's anime after all.) Tomoya suddenly met people with different problems or tragedic fates in their lives. He tries to solve or help them in order to achieve their personal dreams in life, together with Nagisa and Yohei Sunohara (his bestfriend who acts as a comedic target).

He later learned that Nagisa was a repeater due to her illness and hasn't yet graduated. She wants to be in the drama club but the club was abolished for not much members were recruited. It's up to Tomoya to solve Nagisa's loneliness and make it change; thus, making himself change.

Basically, 'Clannad' was meeting people, trying to help them, learning their story, doing comedic antics, making a little drama, practicing on theater and doing a light romance. That is 'Clannad' for all of you dummies - a School Life is what your dealing with.

Was the story dull and boring?

For starters, the story was basically a drama - with special effects. I say special effects for its fantasy side, not much to discuss anyway. 'Clannad' was a great show, spectacular and I enjoyed it. The arcs of the series were somewhat very interesting and it really packed a punch, but mostly 'Clannad' is filed-up on arcs making the series predictable enough. The Illusionary World however was a different approach. The Illusionary World serves a great role for 'Clannad' and making a questionable statement for its purpose, leaving a connect-the-dot concept and ends it with a sensable reason. It was just a simple story to begin with that took a big job on the show and all you can say is, "Is that it?" feeling the sense of uncontent.

The story was great but it's so simple that it is just another anime about highschool teenagers who has different problems and goals in life. That's just it. No special powers, no sword-clashing dudes, no fanservice - just a normal anime about life with just drama and comedy hijinks. Just a relaxing anime if you point at that - or dull to most.

The animation was also great. The settings were a great sight, the movement of the characters looked as they're real people, the drama was pure tension and emotion, the background feels like the real thing and the flow seems to connect it all. All-in-all, the visuals were one big leap on the series. The body movement of characters were perfectly done for their motion reacts with their personality. 'Clannad' has the essence of quality when it comes to animation.

Voice acting was so good, especially on Nagisa. It make me pity on Nagisa for its innocent personality and to it mixed with the right quality voice, they got themselves an awesome female lead. Other voice acting on other characters were blended just right and make the anime more sufficient. The soundtrack was also interesting and a shout out to its ending song which made me chose to laugh, facepalm or throw away the monitor of the computer. But still, its interesting.

Character quality was so great and I'm amazed to see some interesting characters that made a good carry on the show. From the dumb-witted Yohei, to the almost-miss-perfect Kotomi, giving it a great appeal to most viewers. A pace of simple just teenagers on a simple town with simple interests in life. All have different talents and uniqueness to each.

I'm quite amazed on 'Clannad'. It's a simple anime with not much to look at but its simple flow making it a enjoyable watch and one astonishing anime...

+ A simple anime with a simple story
+ Simple flow and pacing for a School Life anime
+ Good characters
+ High point drama

'Clannad' was a good anime and not much negativity to look at. It is such an amazing anime and even I'm flabbergasted on this review, I have to admit that 'Clannad' is one anime that cannot be missed, aside from the story. Highly recommended.

Overall: 9.1 out of 10.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.1/10 overall
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