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May 16, 2013

Question for men:
Have you ever thought of being a girl in your whole lifetime, even for once?

I introduce to you, 'Kämpfer'. A Slice of Life anime that can be best upon for the question above - for the sake of it.

'Kämpfer' is a German word meaning "female fighter" and the unlucky guy, mainly our protagonist, has become one of them because he was literally chosen, according to his stufffed doll named "Disembowled Tiger". His name is Natsuro Seno, a normal highschool boy who has a crush on one of the school idols, namely Kaede Sakura and was destined to become a female fighter in which - he must fight with other Kämpfer we no explanation whatsoever. In the same morning, he was attacked by a fellow Kämpfer who wields a pistol and accidentally saves Kaede from the battle. Later, he then meets the shy Akane Mishima - the librarian of the school who then fells in love with him aside from her green thoughts - and said that she is also a Kämpfer who wields a pistol and happens to be her attacker. Supposedly that they are allies. After that, Natsuro learns that Kaede fell in love with his female form and suddenly confesses to him - on his female form of course. She then meets Shizuka Sango, the student council president, who laters to have fellings for Natsuru and was reunited by Mikoto Kondo, his childhood friend who travels the world, who has also feelings for Natsuro and the two happened to be Kämpfer. The rest of the story became a predictable plot, mostly from its main flow.

This Slice of Life anime was very fun and interesting to watch. Aside from its confusing terms and even though the second half of the series became a massive pile-up with no connection on the main story itself and turned into an obvious Harem, it was still a nice anime. A very genuine one in fact and basically revolves on boobalicious babes fighting each other with no apparent reason at all. And with much of fanservice, 'Kämpfer' can be really enjoyable - mostly for men.

Still, its basically an Harem with a sip of Gender Bending, even literally Natsuru becomes a she, and if you ask me the whole series becomes a story with many holes intact. 'Kämpfer' was great but the fact that the whole plot was never answered, really disappointing. And in the end, 'Kämpfer' makes you feel like a sitting duck. Another thing, 'Kämpfer' really has a bad aim at the whole base of it all. Everything seems illogical and the main point of watching this is basically the female characters that you want to have sex with (yes, even Natsuru). Sometimes, or always when you are watching this, you ask yourself many kinds of questions. Questions that stirs your head and tells you, why bother watching this if the plot is inconsistent enough. Still, its up to your point of view if your enjoying this or not.

Animation weren't that bad. There's the fight scenes, the motion of the breast, the cute and sometimes obscene outfits, the lesbian kissing and the kissing of the three girls who happens to be head over heels on Natsuro with a sense of touching. Same old Harem as always, but this time, with a little Ecchi sauce. The powers and weapons were great, they really did a good job on it but the feeling of uncontent overpowers. Few weapons were made and special powers were not much to talk about. Voice acting on the other hand weren't so bad either, so was the character designs as well. Making our hero a total cutie even if he was a he!

Mainly, the main characters in 'Kämpfer' were mainly feminine with exotic bodies who knows how to fight, basically for its main title. Most of the female characters are all-in-all, beautiful, attractive and powerful. That is the only detail for the characters in the series, period. Aside from that, their personalities on the other hand were a different story. Even though their attitudes were common in most anime, they were well delivered at every common angle in the series, especially the Natsuro's stubborness on Kaede - when there are three hot babes who never gave up on him! That's Harem for you. The stuff animals on the other hand were really fun to spectate. They also have different approaches, aside from there names that sounded like they were tortured. The animals were kinda cool on my opinion, mainly for its unique attitude and they're the ones that I like, not because of cuteness - mind you.

Lastly, I am wondering why is Natsuro the only male Kämpfer. Only Natsuro was the only male Kämpfer that was shown and it makes me question why. Are there others and why?

'Kämpfer' was fun to watch. Aside from its Harem...

+ Fun characters, especially the stuff animals
- Often sidetracked leaving the main story to a halt
- Basically, pure of sexy females who fights with no reason and nothing else
- Not much explanation on the plot

'Kämpfer', in the end, was still a good watch but I think the anime is good for people who has a good sense on female bodies.

Overall: 6.6 out of 10.

5/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
8/10 characters
6.6/10 overall
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