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A place where pure intense aura are fighting, clans of all colors with different personas are up against each other, a normal-looking teenager who's been framed and a gorgeous girl-cat that doesn't like to where clothes with a perfect female figure. What do you get?

K (or K-Project) is an anime about a young boy named Isana Yashiro (or Shiro) who is a carefree teenager who's life changed when he was being targeted by a clan of the Red King called Homura for murdering their own clansmen without a total recall of the incident, then blames to be the Colourless King. He then meets Yatagomi Kuroh - a clansman of the Colourless King and known as Black Hound - who also attempts to kill him for the reason of the Colourless King, who must be killed when turned sinister, and Neko - his pet sexy cat and is known as a Strain - who cares for Shiro and food. Then, Blue King of the Blue Shirts joined in and all hell breaks lose. It's up to Shiro to clean his identity and must prove innocent to them that he isn't a wanted man.

Basically, my first impression on this anime was to be impressive, and it left me with a mind full of questions and a feeling of lackness. 'K-Project' has a great flow on its story. No side tracks can be found and the main line was intact, everything moves. It has a continous flow to its story and not much anime today has that kind of systematic storybase.

The plot happens to be 'innocence', but rather midway, twists suddenly appearing making more suspence for the anime itself - which is kinda impressive. The story begins to thicken on every episode and questions are storming to one's mind once you started the series, making you question if he is innocent or not. Every scene gives you a thrilling impression, making 'K' a stunning series.

'K' revolves around kings, seven of them, but the only five were presented. I wish that they mentioned and showed the other kings and the origins of the rest of the kings so that it may be a perfect anime but sadly, none was said. Also, the series - like I said - makes you question and most of those questions aren't answered. Like, where did Colourless King came from or how was Anna - the little girl - found. It has many questions that left mostly unanswered. Neither was it good nor bad, depending on the speculator.

The animation was fantastic. From viewing some skateboard tricks, until to the fight scenes were precisely elaborated. For the fight scenes, they were made clean and every second of the fight feels like a great second. Unfortunately, the series itself contained only two to four fight scenes which was sad that 'K' is a good action anime to begin with. Not your typical fighting anime with pure action to begin with. 'K' can disappoint you for the lack on fight scenes on most Shonen-type anime, but still, its thrilling plot may never let you down.

The background setting was also fantastic. From a Japan of modern architecture, to a school which was way modern than other countries. From buildings and vehicles to simple grass and pavements. Even the smallest details were astonishing indeed. I like the designs on the helicopters they use and the model for the enviroment, making an awesome scale. The shadows and hue textures were amazing, and I can't hardly missed appreciating that. They really did a good job on that.

Charaters are uniquely design. Isana Yashiro has a good complex of seeing him as an innocent or guilty man. The Kings on the other hand were perfect for their roles based on their own personality, red resembles violence while blue resembles justice which is a perfect fit. I also liked Neko's persona as a pet, aside from its annoying state, and Kuro's attitude fits perfect for his part as a serious male knight. The characters were great to begin with.

Sound were great. Voice acting fits on every role and the sound effects have great quality. I like the music used in the background in the whole series. It has a catchy tune and a nice ring to it, making it perfect from the scenarios in every scene and the music, kinda relaxes me and makes me more enjoyable to watch 'K'. Opening theme on the other hand was a good pick, for its powerful sound and rhythm. Making 'K' one of a kind.

In the end, 'K' was a great watch. Even if it has a lacklustering appearance, but still...

+ A good flow of the story
+ Amazing details made
- Leaves many questions behind
- Lacklustering anime

In all, I really enjoyed watching 'K'. For its suspence and mainly, for its direct story. Although unfinished it may seem, I read that there is a sequel and I expect it to be a great one, making most of my questions to be answered. Very recommended to watch.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10

7/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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