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May 15, 2013

Urban legends in our lifetime can be popular. There are timesthat we believe in them while other times that we don't. And it is up to us whether we believe in it, or reject.

In this anime titled 'Another', it revolves around on an urban legend in 1972 in Yomiyama North High School about a popular student named Misaki, of class 3-3, who died. After the loss, the students and teachers of class acted as if Misaki was still aliveand concluded to a graduation photo in which appeared that he is there. Until then, the story of the dead lives on. Sixteen years later, a transfer student named Koichi Sakakibara studied at Yomi North and met Mei Misaki, a mysterious girl, who appears non-existent to the class. Then the class soon began encountering strange deaths, after Koichi knew about Mei's existence, that has something to do with the urban legend of 1972. It's up to the protagonist Koichi to put an end to the madness and the deaths of his fellow classmates.

'Another' is basically a thriller story, just like in the novel. That's basically it. It was pretty decent and it has a good flow to it. Full of suspence and mystery on a whole new level and was played excellently. It was pure intensity on every aspect and that makes it very interesting to watch. I like its concept. It revolves around a curse of a single classroom and eventually one person dies, one after another. Starts out on a non-existent person and ends with a bloodshed or a blood of violence. Not bad I say.

Although the show was good, the story of the show was rather complicated than I thought. The urban legend becomes a great deal in the first part of the series, then it fades out at the last. It starts out so good but fails in midway. I also noticed that the Misaki in the urban legend was not clearly involved and they just believed on the myth, not on the person. There is no correlation between the dead guy and the deaths itself. Kinda depressing for the story became a pile-up rather to be a great one. Here, the urban legend was a kind of style and I thought that there are ghost and jumpscares. I even thought that Mei Misaki was a spirit because of its strong start and the fact that her expressions were kinda creepy. I expect it to be a good one, but it seems it was turned.

The conclusion of the anime on one point seem to be a downfall. Not only my expectations were wrong, the whole show itself turned to be confusing as hell. I expect it to be great but turned out to be illogical with pure sense on the plot whatsoever. It wasn't bad nor good either. I don't want to spoil but it was not that of an impact. Regardless to say, it only confused me - a f*cking lot.

The animation on the other hand was pretty amazing and the main focus itself was the background designs. Every thing was detailed to the finest. From rust of metal bars, to the creepy dolls, to the scenarios of every episode, and to the dark atmosphere of the setting. All were fantastic. It makes you feel that the whole background is connected to the protagonist, for its black energy that is cloaked on the whole backdrop. The final episodes were the ones that shown the most progress in animation. The deaths were certainly detailed and the motion of the characters were outstanding. The violence was a great deal but without it, the show might be staggering downslide. The bloodshed and murderous killing spree might be the cause to watch 'Another'.

I also adored the sounds of this anime. Using scores from horror films was a good move and it intensifies the whole show. The voice acting was not bad and so were the sound effects. From the bloodbath, until to the arrogant death bullsh*t. From a crashing elevator, to the sounds of lightning. All were marvelous enough. I must say, they done it very well. The opening song on another point was a dark piece which was fine except the song looks like it was actually sung on an opera.

The characters at one point seem to be the same, especially the protagonist. He's just too predictable. He will befriend the mysterious, silent girl, develop strong feelings for her, starting hanging out with her and then he starts to protect her as if she was her girlfriend. It just the same cliche bullsh*t that revolves a boy/girl relationship on every anime on a daily basis but who am I to judge. Also, I really expect much more on Mei Misaki for its creepy and silent nature. I thought she can communicate with spirits, poltergeist or - plain basic - ghosts but sadly, just a normal girl who became a target on being a ghost that is alive. Never expect. Good point I found was when the characters have entered the state of fear when someone died. You can feel their presence and awe all the way. Their act of anxiety on the dead person seems reasonable enough to watch this.

I actually thought that 'Another' revolves a spiritual entity who seeks death among the students, but that expectation becomes a different one. The reason behind the deaths were actually because of a missing desk and chair in their classroom and because of an extra student who spoils the number in their class. It's really a disappointing loss on its behalf but I really quite enjoyed it. Despite the fact that this anime is not a gorgeous one.

In the end, 'Another' is an interesting anime to watch...

+ Detailed animation, great death scenarios
+ Good use of sound and scores
- Complicated story with a confusing ending
- Not much to expect

I have to say, 'Another' is a great anime. Even with a complicated story, I really enjoyed it. Though I must say, the suspence really gets me going to watch this anime.

Overall: 7.8 out of 10.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall

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