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m4zing3r Jan 5, 2008

Heheh message was unfinished ^_^...anyway as I was saying...maybe you should consider the internet as a different source...heheh

P/S - We celebrate the new year the same as everybody else..on the 1st of January ^_^

m4zing3r Jan 5, 2008

That is too bad and kinda sad too...i mean animes aren't made for just kids. Sometimes my friends also say that i'm too old for cartoons...but I dont really care I still watch it anyway ^_^

 You mentioned you were in University....what are you studying? Well since its hard for you to get animes...maybe you should consider


m4zing3r Jan 2, 2008

I actually got your profile by radomly browsing through user profiles I just figured I'd drop you a line ^_^

As for the username comes from the same anime as my avatar...i'ts a classic and one of the first animes I've ever watched...heheh.

I think I understand how it is that animes are hard to come by at your used to be like that as well from where I come from....but now the anime culture is kinda picking up here so there's more choices now :)....

Anyway I hope you had a great New Year! ^_^

m4zing3r Dec 26, 2007

Hi there ^_^

Quite a long list of animes you want to watch there huh...are you new in anime? Anyway good luck with your list...I recomend you watch Lucky Star...that anime is hallarious and adorable too! heheh

SiIentShinobi Dec 26, 2007

Looooong time ago i dont think you'd like it, it's gore