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My names is nicole. :3

I'm always looking for good anime suggestions but i'm too lazy to get off my ass and watch most of them XD But still any good suggestions are welcome, I WILL get around to them.

Soo my favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood by far. Never really watched much anime growing up, I guess I just never got those channels or something cuz I never saw anything. Yea I was a total Disney kid -_- BUT things have changed and I have been watching Anime for about a year, probably less. You probably should NOT look to me for good anime advice because I don't know many. There is Soul Eater, Hetalia, FMA:B, and Elfen Lied. Yup I fail :/ And now if you continue to scroll you will be treated to some of the many funny pictures I have come across. (That is basically what I do in my spare time O.o)

I really love batman and found this quite funny ^^

……….I cannot explain this…..

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redwolf Jul 13, 2011

your welcome X3

so do you like it here so far?

MiSsYGrey Jul 5, 2011

it's really awesome ^O^

how are you doing? <3

redwolf Jul 5, 2011

welcome to AP!

hope you like it here! :D


MiSsYGrey Jul 5, 2011

Hiii <3

welcome to anime planet :D

love your avatar xD