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I love anime so much!  I have watched over three hundred twenty-eight anime.  I would love to watch more and more anime and find the best anime in the world there is to watch.  I want to make my own anime that are pretty much based off of all the anime I've watched.  But I got to make my own first.  I am always cooped up in my room and I don't have friends.  My current friends don't like me because I am always cooped up in my room watching anime.  I love anime and anime is like my life.  It gets my mind off of painful things like my, Lymes Diease, Asthma, Grades, Fybermilga, School, etc.,I love being friends with people but I can't do a lot of things anymore because of my Chronics Lymes Diease.  I am not very active anymore that is why I am on my computer watching anime all the time.  I wish I could more but I can't do a lot with my condition.  I would love to make friends online because then I can hopefully always be friends.  I am a great listener and a great advice giver.  I am always on my computer so I would never miss a text or e-mail. 

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NatsuIgneel95 Nov 21, 2013

Welcome to A-P...hope you enjoy staying can ask me anything(anime especially)

Sianeka Nov 20, 2013

Hello, glad you found your way here to AP! - Sianeka