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Greetings! I'm Akunen (or Steffie), a little retail worker that gets paid to sell video games, and occasionally to sit on my ass and do nothing. I love gaming & watching TV stuff, I sew, I knit, I sleep a lot. I love to chat, so hit me up! 

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bakaneko1990 Nov 28, 2009

Your classes are 90 minutes long? Wow o.O ours were 45 minutes long. Now I’m happy about the fact that I live in Switzerland xD But I don’t go to school anymore, so…

I think exactly the same way. I nearly cried when she died :’( There aren’t many female characters that I like, but Chidori is one of these “exceptions”.

Ah, now I can remember him. The first time I met him, I was a lill’ bit scared of him xD But he is cool. I couldn’t hear his whole story, because I never finished his SL. =( There were too many social links and too little time -_-“

Lol xD I was confused when Chihiro told me once that we were dating. I didn’t know that until the moment she told me, because my character actually dated Yukari xD I was like: “WTF?! No way. We don’t date” o.O xD

Yeah, Dojima’s was kinda sweet ^-^ I also liked Nanako’s a lot, but I think the little girl is the cutest character I saw in a long time. I’m a total fan of her ^o^

I can understand that =) Just wait a little. Maybe there will be a lot of cool games for PSP. I hope so xD At the moment I’m totally into my Wii, because I brought a new One Piece game last week. <3 xD *big one piece fan*

bakaneko1990 Nov 13, 2009

Thanks to you I learned a new word, peachy. Never heard of that before, but it sounds cute ^-^ I never had 40 minutes left of school to do things like that. Mean! xD

That’s really ironic o.O

Shinjiro is also a pretty cool chara of P3 and I also like Ken a lot =) I cried during the October event as well. You’re right. Junpei is silly :D Junpei and Chidori made a cute couple ^o^ <3

Akinari? Who was Akinari again? I can’t remember him at the moment ^-^” Fave Slink… difficult question… I dunno ^-^” I hadn’t many Slinks in p3. I was too busy trying to fix the broken ones o.O (the one with chihiro was worse o.O) But my fave P4 Slink was definitely Yosukes <3 *___* what’s yours?

I bought a PSP ‘cause I wanted to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I really enjoyed playing it. Zack is a great chara and it was pretty cool to meet young Cloud <3 ^-^ Then I bought Final Fantasy Dissidia as well ^-^ but that game isn’t as great as Crisis Core. It starts to get boring pretty soon o.o But you’re right. That system is actually starting to get some good games :)

bakaneko1990 Nov 12, 2009

Heyho! No problem :) I'm doin' ok and you?

I also want to pick the names for our pets *jeleous* It took my family months 'til the called one of my fish by his name. To me honest... they call him by his real name since he died o.O Yay, Akihiko <3 ^o^ I like your cat ;P Akihiko is my fave persona 3 character, followed by Junpei && Ryouji :D and of course the mc xD

I totally hope that BBS will be great xD I'm kinda into Ven, but I guess that's because Roxas is my fave chara and he looks a lot like him. I expecting great things of Persona 3 Portable as well. I definetly gonna buy it. I actually hope that you can have a social link with Akihiko. I can't remember any during playing P3FES o.o

LunaYume Nov 10, 2009

Hells yeah.  I love Dragon Knights. I also love Shin Megami Tensei. I love Persona, and the Digital Devil Saga. much props

bakaneko1990 Nov 2, 2009

hey there! How r ya doin'? I hope you're doin' well =)

You're right. Cats're so fluffy and totally cute and elegant <3 =3 In the futur I wanna have a cat on my own (we 'only' have a cat that belongs to the whole family)  so I can call the cat Roxas ^o^ xD x3

about you're story: how terrible! o.O things like that really pisses me off >__< that's so not fair. Now you don't have your money an' your game o.O I can totally understand you! But to be honest: I expected great things of the game, but it kinda disappointed me. It's kinda borin' with the time... Maybe it's because of the fact that I'm still on the beginning (day 71 or something)... Now I'm expecting even more from "Kingdom Hearts: Birth of Sleep" ^-^ That game's going to be awesome =) I hope xD

sry, for writing so much ^-^" thx for readin' this *takes a bow*

have a nice day/evening ;)