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When I become obsessed with something (be it an anime, a manga or something else) then it is an obsession in every meaning of the word. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

My huge passion are languages.

I like almost all genres of music but it is actually individual for every particular song and it depends pretty much on the artist.

I must admit I read more manga than I watch anime but I love both.

Well... see you around!

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Azami Aug 8, 2010

Yeah. Sebastian and Ciel are great. :3 I really liked the twist in which Sebastian and Claude make that deal. Of course Sebastian isn't going to give Ciel over. (I seriously hope. And I don't feel like writing like an adult like here.)

Azami Aug 7, 2010

Did you watch Monoshitsuji: ep. 6? It was pretty good.

Azami Aug 2, 2010

Akuma! YOU CAME!

(lol, my captcha was Scott Banjoes. :P)