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About Anime Planet:

In July of 2001, just before starting my Senior Year in Highschool, I founded a vast online community called "The Anime Planet Network", also known as "[APN]". Sothis joined the gang in October of 2001. In August of 2002, Sothis and I came up with the URL this website currently uses: www.anime-planet.com. Originally, she used this URL to run a little webpage called "the picture site", where members of the community could post pictures of themselves. Throughout 2003 and 2004, Sothis worked tirelessly on developing her own Anime Recommendations Database and Forum.

In 2004, Sothis decided it was best that her website be completely independent of the old community, so that she could run her database as a legitimate business. As the old community eventually faded and disappeared, Sothis' new community based around her wonderful website has endured the test of time. Today, Sothis' "Anime Planet" is a thriving community, filled with a healthy mix of newcomers and old familiar faces, a few of whom have been around since the very beginning.

About Me: 

I'm still a college student. :(  I'm going to university now, working on an Accounting degree, although lately I've been taking a couple of law classes, which are very interesting... who knows where that will lead. Lately, the only anime I've had time to keep up with is Naruto Shippuuden. Besides that, I've got like 20 live-action TV shows I'm keeping up with, so there just aren't enough hours in the day for new anime right now. :P  4-23-2010

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sothis says...

happy bday

Aug 17, 2010
KatDJZ says...

Happy Birthday! ^_^

Aug 17, 2009
Kari5 says...

Happy Birthday!

I noticed you haven't been around in a while, so you should come back and check out all the new stuff that was recently added to the site.

Aug 17, 2009
sothis says...

happy bday ^^

Aug 17, 2009
Saoulmanblaster says...

Love your toop 5 list! Havent seen your top 5 do. I also watch one piece. Just dropped to say hello.

Regards saoulman

Oct 24, 2007